The King’s Coronation will take place on Saturday – here’s what will happen

What is a coronation? King Charles III will be the subject of one on Saturday, with over 2,200 guests in tow to watch it happen. Here's why.
What is a coronation

The first coronation of a British Monarch in 70 years will be staged today.

It will take place at Westminster Abbey in London, and include several formalities and traditions to usher in King Charles III as the new head of the Commonwealth.

Over 2,200 guests, including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, will be in attendance.

What is a coronation?

King Charles III is the first-born child of Queen Elizabeth II.

King Charles III technically became King the moment his mother died, and has been undertaking the relevant duties since her death.

The coronation is the formal recognition of Charles’ succession as the new head of the Commonwealth.

Who’s representing Australia?

The Australian delegation will be led by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Governor-General David Hurley. Both were in London last year for the Queen’s funeral.

The Governors of all the Australian states will also be at the coronation. Albanese said that a group of “outstanding” citizens, most of which are based in the UK, will also attend the coronation on behalf of Australia.

Football star Sam Kerr will be Australia’s flagbearer at the coronation.

The coronation ceremony

The King will travel from Buckingham Palace, his official London residence, to Westminster Abbey in a procession on the morning of the coronation.

The coronation service will begin at 11am local time (8pm AEST). A ceremonial crown will be placed on the head of the King during the service, which will also see several senior UK officials pledge allegiance to him.

A large-scale coronation procession will take place from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace. The King will travel in the same coach that’s been used for every coronation since 1831, and will receive a royal salute from the Commonwealth’s armed forces after finishing the procession.

Key Royal Family members

  • King Charles III: He was the longest-ever heir to the throne (70 years).
  • Queen Camilla: the wife of King Charles III. They have been married since 2005.
  • Prince William: the first-born child of King Charles III and the late Princess Diana. He is now the first in line to the throne.

Where to watch the coronation

The ABC, Channel 7, 9Gem, and Channel 10 will be showing the coronation.

Most stations will begin coverage at 5pm AEST – hours before the coronation service begins – and will continue the broadcast hours after the service concludes.

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