What is La Niña?


The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has declared a La Niña weather event. This typically means it will be wetter than normal in the eastern and northern parts of Australia over the summer period.

La Niña has developed in the Pacific Ocean and will result in above-average rainfall and cooler temperatures.

It is a complex weather pattern that brings warmer water to the western Pacific, including parts of Australia. The warming of ocean temperatures results in more evaporation, leading to wetter conditions particularly across the east and north of Australia.

Please explain, what is La Niña?

You might remember, there was a La Niña event during the spring and summer last year. This year’s event is expected to be similar, or potentially weaker.

What can you expect during La Niña? 

During La Niña, there is usually increased rainfall, temperatures are generally cooler and there can be an increase in humidity. More cyclones are usually forecasted during La Niña as well.

The Bureau’s Head of Operational Climate Services, Dr Andrew Watkins, said, “we can still get heatwaves, and the heatwaves we get over summer tend to be longer”.

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