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When do final exams begin in each state?

When do final exams begin in each state?

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The Higher School Certificate (HSC), NSW’s final exams, is officially underway for more than 68,000 school leavers in the state.

Over the next three weeks, 124 written exams will be held across a range of subject areas, marking the final stage of NSW students’ formal high school education.

Language exams for students in WA also commence today, with the state’s main ATAR course exams beginning on 30 October.

Final exams in other states and territories

ACT Year 12 students completed their ATAR exams in early September.

School leavers in the NT will start exams on 16 October.

South Australia’s SACE exams will commence the day after.

Final exams for QLD students begin on 23 October.

Some language exams are already underway in Victoria, with most Year 12 commencing VCE exams on 24 October.

Tasmanian students TCE exams start later, on 7 November.

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