Where can I travel in Australia right now?


Confused about where you can travel in Australia? We are breaking down the border restrictions for each state below. 

If you want to travel to: Queensland 

If you are from South Australia, Tasmania or Western Australia, you can travel to Queensland, and not have to quarantine, regardless of vaccination status. You will, however, need an entry pass.

If you are from Victoria, NSW or the ACT, you can travel to Queensland (late last night, parts of the NT were added to this list), but there are restrictions. You’ll need to be fully vaccinated, and you must quarantine either at a designated facility or at home for two weeks, and you must travel by air. You will also need a negative COVID-19 result 72 hours prior to your arrival. 

If you want to travel to: Victoria 

No matter what state you live in, you can travel to Victoria, as long as you have a permit, and as long as you are coming from a ‘green zone’. Each LGA in Australia is given a colour (green, orange, red) to signify the COVID-19 situation in that area. Currently, there are no red or orange zones, meaning you can travel to Victoria. 

If you want to travel to: NSW

Most Australians can freely enter NSW. The only restrictions in place are for Victorians aged 16 and above who are unvaccinated. Those individuals cannot travel to NSW for holiday or recreational reasons. 

If you want to travel to: South Australia 

If you are from Western Australia, Queensland or Tasmania, you can enter as long as you have not been in a restricted zone for 14 days prior to your arrival. 

If you are from NSW, ACT and Victoria, you can’t enter the state regardless of vaccination status (however this is set to change next week). There are some exceptions for essential reasons. If you are from the Northern Territory, you can enter without quarantining, as long as you are fully vaccinated, and have self-quarantined until you receive a negative COVID-19 test. You’ll also need COVID-19 tests on days 1, 5, and 13 after your return. 

If you want to travel to: Northern Territory

If you are from ACT, NSW, and Victoria, you cannot enter the Territory unless you are a returning resident. If you are from any other state, you can travel without restriction, as long as you have not been to an exposure site within two weeks of your arrival. 

If you want to travel to: Western Australia 

If you are coming from South Australia, Queensland, or Tasmania, you can travel to Western Australia, regardless of vaccination status without restriction as long as all travellers have ‘G2G pass’. ACT and NT travellers need specific approval to enter and will be required to quarantine. 

There are separate restrictions for NSW and Victorian travellers. Both states need approval, and to be fully vaccinated. NSW travellers, if approved, will need to either home or government facility quarantine for 14 days, and have a negative test result 72 hours before. Victorians, however, cannot quarantine at home. For all specific requirements, click here

If you want to travel to: Tasmania

South Australian and Western Australian travellers can travel to Tasmania without restriction, regardless of vaccination status. If you are coming from the Northern Territory or Queensland, not all areas are classified as low risk, check your status here. NSW, ACT and Victoria are classified as high-risk areas, meaning you will need to apply for an exemption to enter and quarantine will be required. 

If you want to travel to: ACT

Anyone can travel to the ACT, as long as you have not been in a high-risk or exposure site area two weeks prior to your arrival. If you are vaccinated and have been to the LGAs in Victoria or NSW that are considered “high risk” you will be required to complete an exemption form (this will be accepted immediately). If you are unvaccinated and you travel from these areas, you’ll be required to follow stay at home orders for 14 days.

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