Eva Lawler named NT Chief Minister

Who is Eva Lawler? Lawler was appointed Chief Minister of the Northern Territory after Natasha Fyles' resignation on Tuesday.
Who is Eva Lawler? 

Eva Lawler was sworn in as Northern Territory Chief Minister on Thursday, following the resignation of Natasha Fyles this week.

Members of the NT Labor Government unanimously decided to appoint Lawler to the role during a meeting on Wednesday.

She is set to lead the Government to the election next year. Labor has governed the NT since 2016.

Leadership shake-up

Fyles resigned after failing to declare shares she owned in a mining company.

She had been Chief Minister since May 2022, and will now stay in Parliament as a backbencher (not in the Cabinet).

Lawler was appointed to the role on Wednesday, with Attorney-General Chanston Paech named her deputy.

Who is Eva Lawler?

Lawler is a former school teacher who was elected to Parliament in 2016. She represents the seat of Drysdale east of Darwin.

Lawler has served as Education Minister, Environment Minister and Infrastructure Minister.

Fyles appointed Lawler as Treasurer in 2022. She will remain in this role while leading the Government.

Looming challenges

Integrity concerns levelled at Fyles could linger under Lawler’s leadership, as Fyles faces an anti-corruption probe over conflict of interest concerns.

The government has been under pressure to tackle rising crime rates, and has been scrutinised for its management of the Beetaloo Basin gas project.

Lawler is also expected to lead the government to the next NT election in August 2024. Labor currently holds 14 of the Parliament’s 25 total seats.

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