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Moira Deeming has been suspended from the Victorian Liberal Party

Moira Deeming has been suspended from the Victorian Liberal Party

who is Moira Deeming

Moira Deeming has been suspended for nine months from the Victorian Liberal Party after she attended an anti-trans rally in Melbourne earlier this month.

The rally was attended by several neo-Nazis, who made Nazi salutes in the direction of LGBTIQA+ community members protesting the rally.

Her suspension will be reviewed in nine months’ time.

Who is Moira Deeming?

Deeming is a member of the Victorian Upper House (Legislative Council). She was elected to Parliament at last year’s state election and was known to have anti-trans views prior to being elected.

Deeming said she was horrified to see the neo-Nazis at the anti-trans rally and condemned their actions. She accused them o gate-crashing the event.

Her suspension doesn’t mean she has to leave Parliament. She will remain a member of the Upper House, but won’t represent the Liberal Party for the next nine months.

Moira Deeming’s suspension

The Victorian Liberal Party asked Deeming to formally condemn the conduct at the rally, which she did this morning. Victorian Liberal leader John Pesutto said Deeming should’ve made this concession sooner.

He also said Deeming has the opportunity to “prove herself” through her conduct over the next nine months, which will determine her capacity to return to the Liberal Party.

Deeming will issue a statement later today. She previously issued a statement saying “I have done nothing wrong”.

Banning Nazi Salutes

The actions of the neo-Nazis pushed the Victorian Government to seek a ban on the public display of Nazi salutes.

The Tasmanian Government announced similar intentions a day later. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk also confirmed that her Government is considering a ban.

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