Mary to become Queen of Denmark

Who is Queen Mary? The Tasmanian-born Mary will become Queen on Sunday following the abdication of the monarch.
Who is Princess Mary?

Tasmanian-born Princess Mary will become the Queen of Denmark today.

It comes two weeks after 83-year-old Queen Margrethe II announced she would abdicate (give up the role of monarch), citing her age and health concerns.

Prince Frederik will become Denmark’s King and Head of State while Mary will become Queen.

The Danish Royal Family

The Danish Royal family can be traced back 1000 years. The monarch – the most senior member of the Royal Family – acts as Denmark’s Head of State.

Queen Margrethe II has been monarch since 1972. Her role includes signing legislation passed in parliament (new laws only come into force once they’ve also been countersigned by a Cabinet Minister).

The monarch also meets with the Danish Prime Minister to advise and consult on issues of national interest.

The Queen’s abdication

In her annual New Year’s Eve speech, the Queen announced she would be abdicating the throne after 52 years.

She is the first Danish monarch in almost 900 years to abdicate. Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II in 2022, she has been Europe’s longest-serving monarch.

Like the British Royal Family, the first-born child of the monarch is the next in line to the throne. This is Prince Frederik.

Who is Queen Mary?

Princess Mary was born Mary Donaldson in Hobart in 1972. She was raised in Tasmania and worked for advertising agencies in Melbourne and Sydney during the 1990s.

Mary met Prince Frederik at a Sydney pub during the 2000 Olympics.

Mary and Frederik’s engagement was announced in 2003. As part of their marriage in 2004, Mary renounced her Australian citizenship. The couple has four children together.

Succession plans

Prince Frederik will formally become the King of Denmark in a ceremony in Copenhagen’s Christianborg Palace on Sunday.

This is where the Danish Parliament and the Supreme Court meet, and where the official handover will take place when the Queen signs a declaration of her abdication.

Frederik will become King Frederik X from that point.

Queen Mary’s role

Mary will play a key role in Sunday’s ceremonies and attend a reception in Parliament on Monday to welcome the King.

As Princess, Mary has advocated for social justice and women’s rights as the Chair of the ‘Mary Foundation’, which was established after her wedding to Frederik.

Mary is expected to continue her advocacy work as Queen.

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