Woman dies from suspected poisoning at health retreat in Victoria

A woman has died and two people have been hospitalised after a suspected poisoning at a health retreat in Clunes, Victoria.
victoria poisoning health retreat

A 53-year-old woman has died after a suspected poisoning at a health retreat in Clunes, north of Ballarat, in Victoria.

Two other people fell ill and were sent to hospital for further observation.

It has been widely reported that this incident in Victoria was a mushroom poisoning. However, police have not confirmed this.


Victoria Police said the woman consumed a drink at around midday on 13 April before she died.

Police said the retreat is on Fraser Street in Clunes.

The retreat has not issued a statement, but it cancelled a sound healing session earlier this week.

Police said investigations are ongoing and will involve the coroner.


Earlier this month, Victoria’s Department of Health issued an alert warning people that poisonous mushrooms can grow in the state during the cooler months. It added that consuming ‘death cap’ mushrooms may result in death.

Acting Chief Health Officer Dr Evelyn Wong said: “Unless you are an expert, do not pick and eat wild mushrooms in Victoria.”

Previous poisoning

In July last year, four people in regional Victoria became critically ill after eating a lunch hosted by Erin Patterson, who said it contained dried mushrooms.

Three out of four people died, including Patterson’s former in-laws. The fourth person was in hospital for almost two months before being discharged.

Patterson was charged with murder in November 2023. She is set to appear in court next week.

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