Would you want to know where the safest nightlife spots are?

A new 'safe' guide for Sydney's nightlife could be on the way
Would you want to know where the safest nightlife spots are?

A publicly-available database sharing the safest places to go out at night will soon be rolled out across Sydney, the NSW Government has announced.

Areas in London, Stockholm, and Dublin already use the guide, which uses a set criteria to assess the safety of nightlife districts across the world.

Areas in Sydney will first need to pass an independent assessment before they can be added to the guide.

What will happen?

Four Sydney nighttime areas will now be assessed for their safety. This will include things like the amount of street lighting, access to public transport, and overall entertainment value.

If the area is judged to be safe, it will be awarded a ‘Purple Flag’ to signify the area is a safe nighttime district.

When could it begin?

The pilot program will start in the Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Marrickville and Lakemba – before a wider rollout is expected later on.

If these areas meet the criteria, they could receive Purple Flag accreditation sometime in 2023.

Each district would receive a physical flag to signify the safety of the area. The placement of the flag would be decided in consultation with local councils.

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