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Young Aussies sign up to self-exclude from gambling

Young Aussies sign up to self-exclude from gambling

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The national gambling self-exclusion register, BetStop, has received thousands of sign ups since it launched in August.

The service allows gamblers to ban themselves from opening an account or placing a bet with licensed online and phone betting providers.

Self-imposed bans range from three months to a lifetime.

Since BetStop launched on 21 August:

  • Almost 10,000 people have banned themselves from gambling.
  • The majority of these are Australians under 40.
  • Lifetime bans are the most commonly-chosen ban option.

How to self-exclude from gambling

Anyone who registers with BetStop will be blocked from all Australian licensed online and phone betting providers.

Providers must refuse services to customers on the register. The provider must close any gambling accounts held by a punter on the register  provider, and any credit refunded.

Gambling companies also cannot send marketing material, such as promotional texts or emails, to anyone on the register.

Gambling service providers must promote BetStop on their websites and apps, and in any marketing material sent to unregistered customers.

Gamblers on BetStop can list up to five support people on their registration. These people will be contacted when the person on the register finalises their gambling ban, or if they attempt to cancel their self-exclusion early.

Only the gambler can choose to put themselves on the register.

Gambling Helpline: 1800 858 858

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