Your full debrief on the SA election

Peter Malinauskas

Results, reactions, and what it means for the Federal Election

Over the weekend, Labor won the South Australian election, making Labor leader Peter Malinauskas the state’s new Premier.

It is Labor’s fifth win in the last six SA elections.

Here are the results.


24 seats are needed in the SA House of Assembly to form Government. The Liberal Party had 22 but formed Government with support from independents (there were 6 independents). Labor had 19 seats.

SA election summary 2022 BEFORE


Some seats are still too close to call, but Labor has already comfortably passed the necessary 24 and will form government. It has 26 and is ahead in 2 more, the Liberals have 8 and are ahead in 6 more, and independents have 4 and are ahead in one more.

SA election summary 2022 AFTER


In his victory speech, Malinauskas said he appreciated “the size of the responsibility” SA voters had given his team. “We’ve got a big job to do… delivering a fairer and better society and more opportunity for those who need it most,” he said.

In a statement yesterday, outgoing Liberal Premier Steven Marshall said it had been “a great privilege and honour” to be Premier, adding he was “proud” of his Government’s achievements. He will step down as Liberal Leader.


The poor result for the Liberal Party raises questions about whether SA voters will vote in a similar way in the Federal Election, which is expected in May.

The Liberals hold four seats in the Federal House of Representatives, including some by narrow margins, so a shift towards Labor could damage Scott Morrison’s chances of returning as Prime Minister.

Labor Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers tweeted on Saturday that the result would put “a bounce in the step of Labor people everywhere”.

However, Morrison has rejected the suggestion that the state election results will affect the Federal Election.

“This election was being fought on state issues. The Federal Election will be fought on Federal issues,” he said.

Federal Finance Minister Simon Birmingham, a Liberal from South Australia, attributed the SA result to a “misleading” campaign from the Labor party.

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