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“We know we need to be on TikTok to talk to Gen Z audiences, but we don’t know where to start.”


Engaging young people

Gen Z is a whole new audience. They connect with content and brands in entirely different ways to previous generations. It’s hard to know what will engage them.


Brand safety

TikTok is a rogue place. There’s an intricate balance to strike between leaning into the platform’s culture while maintaining brand safety.



High-quality content creation takes time and money. When TikTok content needs to look and feel entirely different to other social platforms, that takes even more time and money.


The Daily Aus produces bespoke short-form video content that is informative, brand-safe, and not sales-y. This lets you engage with Gen Z in a way that builds credibility and trust.


Own your area of expertise

Post content that develops credibility by becoming a recognised leading voice in your industry.


Build long-term trust & credibility

Consistently delivering high quality and relevant content showcases your brand as being dependable and knowledgeable.


Create content that adds value

By educating young audiences you’re cutting through the noise of short-term trends and providing them value that lasts beyond their engagement with you on TikTok.

Why TDA?


We handle everything

TDA research, write, edit, fact-check, film and deliver your bespoke content.


We value audience trust

TDA have built trust with young people by publishing quality news updates every single day to our audience of over 500K.


We are young people

TDA meets our young audience where they are and speaks their language, daily.

TDA's ability to produce timely, relevant content for our brand's TikTok page - speaking across from an audience their own age, not down to them - has been a game-changer. We know it will always be brand-safe news with editorial safeguards in place, and the content has become the best performing stream on the channel.

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