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accc black friday scam

The ACCC’s Black Friday scam warning

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has warned shoppers of an increase in online scams ahead of Black Friday sales.

Why are petrol prices rising?

Why are petrol prices rising to well over $2.10 per litre?

Petrol prices are rising again across Australia, and have been well above $2.10 litre in recent days in Sydney and Melbourne. Why?

What's happened with ANZ and Suncorp

The national consumer watchdog has blocked ANZ and Suncorp’s $4.9 billion deal

What’s happened with ANZ and Suncorp? The Australian consumer watchdog has blocked the proposed merger, citing competition concerns.

qantas and virgin duopoly

The consumer watchdog has warned against Qantas and Virgin’s domestic duopoly

The domestic duopoly between Qantas and Virgin is pushing up prices and lowering customer experience, the ACCC says. Here are the details

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