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How AI could replace actors

We’ve all spent enough time with ChatGPT to guess how AI might pose a threat to writers, but when it comes to performing roles, are actors’ jobs equally at risk? Both writers and actors are striking in Hollywood, and one of the tension points is AI. So what exactly does the technology look like, and could AI replace actors entirely?

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Why actors walked out on their own premiere

The union for Hollywood actors has gone on strike for the first time in 43 years after failing to agree a pay deal with media giants including Netflix and Disney.

It follows an ongoing strike of screenwriters, which began in May.

In today’s deep dive we’ll explain what’s led to these strikes and why you should care.

Why are Hollywood actors going on strike?

Why are Hollywood actors on strike?

Thousands of Hollywood actors are joining screenwriters on strike over a pay dispute. Here’s why they say they’ve been treated unfairly.

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