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AI in Australian schools 

New plan for AI use in Australian schools

AI in Australian schools will be guided by a national framework released by the Federal Government on Friday.

altman back at openai

Sam Altman back at OpenAI

Sam Altman has returned as CEO of OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, days after being fired by the board.

The Beatles

The Beatles have a new song thanks to an old tape and AI

A new original song from The Beatles, ‘Now and Then’, was released overnight with the help of AI and an old tape.

Queensland AI schools trial

Some Queensland schools are undertaking an AI trial

An artificial intelligence (AI) trial is underway in QLD schools after Australia’s education ministers met to discuss AI use in classrooms last week.

australian books stolen AI

18,000 Australian books allegedly stolen to train AI

A large number of Australian books have allegedly been used to train artificial intelligence, according to a recent search by the Australian Publishers Association (APA).

The Daily Aus podcast

How AI could replace actors

We’ve all spent enough time with ChatGPT to guess how AI might pose a threat to writers, but when it comes to performing roles, are actors’ jobs equally at risk? Both writers and actors are striking in Hollywood, and one of the tension points is AI. So what exactly does the technology look like, and could AI replace actors entirely?

ai hollywood actors strike

How is AI transforming Hollywood?

Have AI tools changed music forever?

Have AI tools changed music forever?

A recent and rapid acceleration in generative AI music tools has artists and music labels worried. Just like ChatGPT, it’s causing a stir.

is ai going to be banned in australia

A ban on ‘high-risk’ artificial intelligence is being considered in Australia

A ban on some AI could soon become a reality in Australia, according to a Federal Government paper released on Thursday. Here are the details

ai generated images with title what is ai art and how to make it.

What is AI art and how do I make some?

Can Turnitin detect ChatGPT

Can Turnitin detect ChatGPT? Here’s what we know.

Turnitin has unveiled software they say can detect ChatGPT. But many Australian universities aren’t using it. Here’s why.

Chat GPT-4

ChatGPT, summarise this essay for me

Artificial intelligence company OpenAI has announced a new version of its chatbot ChatGPT, called GPT-4.

Are chatbots coming for our jobs?

Are chatbots coming for our jobs?

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