WA Airbnb

Here’s why WA is offering $10,000 to Airbnb property owners

Property owners in WA could receive $10,000 to list their accommodation as long-term rentals, instead of on ‘short-stay’ accommodation platforms, like Airbnb and Stayz.

The Daily Aus podcast

The beginning of the end for Airbnb?

In an Australian first, the Victorian Government has announced a new tax on Airbnb. This comes as a new rule in New York stops people from renting out entire apartments on the platform. These new reforms aim to relieve pressure on the rental market. But will they work? And at what cost for local tourism?

victorian government housing plan

Inside the Victorian Government’s new housing plan

The Victorian Government has announced a raft of housing measures to tackle the rental crisis, include an Australian-first tax for short-term rentals.

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