Stories, videos and podcasts tagged with Alcohol.

Australian drug use

Drug testing of sewage shows Australians are using more ketamine and less MDMA

The latest sewage drug testing report from the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission shows Australians using more ketamine and less MDMA.

Victoria decriminalised public drunkenness

Victoria has decriminalised public drunkenness

Public drunkenness has been decriminalised in Victoria after intoxication laws in the state were found to have a disproportionate impact on First Nations people.

uk definition wine

The UK is changing its definition of wine

The UK Government has announced it will amend the legal definition of wine to reflect demand for low and no-alcohol versions of the drink.

Is Hard Solo being marketed to children?

Hard Solo has been accused of marketing to minors

Hard Solo has been accused of being marketed to children, due to a similarity to the Solo soft drink. Here’s what has been said.

Adelaide alcohol restrictions

Alcohol sale restrictions are being trialled in Adelaide’s bottle shops

Restrictions on alcohol sales are being trialled in some Adelaide bottle shops. It’s received praise, but could come to an abrupt end.

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