Annastacia Palaszczuk

Who is Steven Miles?

Who is Queensland’s incoming Premier Steven Miles?

Who is Steven Miles? The Deputy tipped to become Queensland’s new Premier after Annastacia Palaszczuk announced she would retire.

Who replaces Palaszczuk?

New leaders emerge after Palaszczuk exit

Who replaces Palaszczuk? Senior Queensland Government ministers are preparing a leadership bid following the longtime premier’s retirement.

watchhouses at least a week

Exclusive: Over 1,500 children held in Qld watchhouses for at least a week

Over 1,500 children spent at least one week detained in a Queensland police watchhouse from 2018 to 2023, according to data given to TDA.

Queensland bushfires
Environment News

Nearly 60 homes destroyed in Queensland fires

Queensland bushfires have caused the destruction of nearly 60 homes. Most of these have been in the town of Tara in the Western Downs region.

what's a watchhouse
News Politics

Queensland to override human rights with new youth detention laws

Queensland has passed laws that will support the long-term detention of children in police watchhouses. Here’s what’s happened.

Queensland dog breeds ban
News Politics

Banning the ownership of some dog breeds is being considered in Queensland

A ban on some dog breeds in Queensland could be added as part of new reforms aimed at preserving community safety. Here’s what they are

Queensland rape laws
News Politics

Queensland wants to overturn law that currently prevents accused rapists from being named

The Queensland Government has unveiled plans to change a safeguard within its rape laws. Here’s what it would do

Queensland rent cap

Queensland rent increases will be limited to once a year under new controls

The Queensland Government has announced plans to curb housing stress through a new rent cap. But Parliament will need to approve it first.

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