What is the Indigenous Voice to Parliament?

Pat Dodson quits politics

First Nations Senator Pat Dodson is quitting politics

Pat Dodson, a First Nations man and Labor Senator, has announced he’s quitting politics after seven years.

cuts to infrastructure projects

Cuts to infrastructure projects announced amid inflation fears

The Federal Government has announced cuts to 50 major infrastructure projects and warned more may be needed amid inflation fears.

strict conditions immigration detention

Strict conditions for people released from immigration detention

The Federal Government will impose strict conditions on people released from immigration detention after last week’s High Court ruling.

independent mp federal lobbying

An Independent MP wants to crack down on federal lobbying

Independent MP Dr. Monique Ryan has introduced a bill to Parliament today which would put limits on lobbying activities in federal politics.

government scholarship new teachers

Government scholarship could wipe new teachers’ student debt

The Federal Government has announced a scholarship program to attract more people to teaching amid growing concerns of a national shortage.

Albanese China visit

Anthony Albanese is in China in the first PM visit for seven years

Anthony Albanese is in China to meet President Xi Jinping, in the first visit by an Australian Prime Minister for seven years.

imf wish list australia

The IMF’s wish list for Australia’s economy

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has published its Australian policy ‘wish list’, including stronger climate policies, a tougher approach to inflation, and sweeping tax changes.

aukus congress

Could Congress chaos sink Australia’s AUKUS deal?

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is in the U.S. this week. Lobbying Congress to pass AUKUS laws top of his agenda. 

expand paid parental leave

A taskforce wants the govt to expand paid parental leave

The Women’s Economic Equality Taskforce is urging the Government to expand paid parental leave to 52 weeks.

coalition second referendum

The Coalition’s proposed second referendum, explained

In the lead up to the referendum, Opposition Leader Peter Dutton said a future Coalition Government would hold a second referendum on Constitutional recognition of First Nations people (without an advisory body) if the Voice failed.

parental leave draft laws

Paid parental leave could expand under draft laws

The Federal Government today introduced draft laws to increase paid parental leave (PPL) to 26 weeks by 2026.

government digital skills passport

The government’s digital ‘skills passport’, explained

The Federal Government will create a digital ‘Skills Passport’ for workers so they can more easily connect with potential employers.

federal government budget surplus

Federal government announces first budget surplus in 15 years

The Federal Government has announced a $22.1 billion budget surplus for the 2022/23 financial year, the first in 15 years.

federal coalition ACT drugs

The Federal Coalition is trying to stop drug reform in the ACT

The Federal Coalition is trying to stop the ACT Government from decriminalising the possession of drugs such as cocaine, MDMA, and ice in small quantities.

qantas high court 1,700

High Court: Qantas unlawfully sacked 1,700 workers during the pandemic

The court was considering an appeal from Qantas, who had already lost twice before the Federal Court and the Full Federal Court.

federal MPs biggest pay rise

Federal MPs are getting their biggest pay rise in a decade

Federal MPs will receive a 4% pay rise from Friday, signed off by the Remuneration Tribunal. It’s their biggest wage increase in a decade.

Pauline Hanson sacks Mark Latham

Pauline Hanson sacks Mark Latham as NSW One Nation leader

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has sacked Mark Latham as leader of the party’s NSW branch, prompting an angry response.

The Daily Aus podcast

An interview with the Shadow Minister for Youth, Angie Bell

Last week we brought you TDA Editor Billi FitzSimon’s interview with the Minister for Youth, Dr. Anne Aly. Now we have an interview with her political opponent from the coalition. Billi asks the Shadow Minister what she would do differently if she was in Government, and whether young people have an issue with leader of the opposition, Peter Dutton.

Anne Aly

TDA interviews Australia’s Minister for Youth, Dr. Anne Aly

In this interview, we put the hard questions to the Minister for Youth, Dr. Anne Aly. We find out what her plans are for her time in government.

rba monthly meetings cut down

RBA will cut the number of interest rate meetings to 8

RBA Governor Philip Lowe has announced a cut to interest rate meetings after a review into the bank’s culture and practices.

abortion pill australia access

Access to abortion pills will be significantly expanded in Australia from next month

Abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol will soon be easier to access in Australia after the TGA relaxed prescription rules.

Australia Europe trade deal stalls prosecco

Australia-Europe trade deal stalls over prosecco disagreement

Australia and the European Union are at risk of failing to strike a trade deal with Australia unwilling to accept demands to rename prosecco.

Voice to Parliament new details

The Government has revealed new details about the proposed Voice to Parliament

Minister for Indigenous Australians Linda Burney has outlined new details about the Government’s proposed Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

PwC sells consulting team for $1

PwC is selling its government consulting team for $1

PwC Australia will sell its government consulting team for $1 after the firm was accused of a “cover up” over a confidentiality breach.

TDA's Tom Crowley presents all you need to know about the Federal Budget.

All you need to know about the Federal Budget

TDA political journalist Tom Crowley runs you through everything you need to know about the 2023 Federal Budget.

China Stone coal mine cancelled

Two coal mines, including the China Stone coal mine, have been cancelled by Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek

Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek has cancelled two coal mines after they failed to address environmental concerns.

NDIS overhaul

Bill Shorten flags NDIS overhaul for troubled disability scheme

Bill Shorten has promised an NDIS overhaul, admitting the scheme is “not what it should be” and flagging a crackdown on dodgy providers.

how did the housing crisis in australia begin

How did the housing crisis begin in Australia?

Housing crisis Australia: How did we get here? Why did housing become so expensive, and can we fix it? Here’s what to know.

2022 Budget preview

Budget like you mean it: 2022 Federal Budget preview

TDA political journalist Tom Crowley cares about budgets more than most people. Here’s why he finds them so interesting and important.

Who is Peter Dutton

Who is Peter Dutton?

Interview with Labor Leader Anthony Albanese

Interview with Labor Leader Anthony Albanese

Adam Bandt x The Daily Aus

Interview with The Greens Leader Adam Bandt

A NSW MP gareth ward has been charged over historical sexual assault allegations

A NSW MP has been charged over historical sexual assault allegations

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