A person wearing a graduation cap at a university graduation.
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Victorian universities flag concerns about international student caps

The University of Melbourne and Monash University commissioned an analysis of the impacts of the proposed caps.

Army officer facing espionage charges
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Army officer accused of Russian espionage

An army officer is facing espionage charges amid an alleged link to Russia. The woman and her husband could face 15 years’ imprisonment.

Cocaine use surging in Australia
Health Latest News Science

Cocaine use reaches record highs

Cocaine use is surging in Australia, according to wastewater analysis compiled by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

Albanese NATO absence
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Albanese criticised for NATO absence

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is absent from this week’s NATO summit in Washington, D.C., choosing to focus on local matters instead.

Money laundering crackdown
Latest News Politics

Laundering crackdown on the horizon

A money laundering crackdown has been announced by Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus, with legislation expected to be tabled shortly.

Is Australia's vaping crackdown working?
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Australia’s vape crackdown, six months in

Six months since recreational vape imports were banned, I look at the early results of the crackdown.

AI children report
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AI training tool using images of children

A report finding that Australian children were being used to train AI without their consent or knowledge has raised significant concern.

The Government has introduced its "Future Made in Australia" legislation.
Economics Latest News Politics

Unpacking the tax changes starting today

New tax cuts were added for every Australian taxpayer on Monday, under the Federal Government’s revised Stage 3 plan.

Changes from 1 July
Economics Health Latest News Politics

Tax cuts, vaping ban among 1 July changes

Changes from 1 July include tax cuts, cheaper energy, and a new vape ban. The measures were already passed but came into effect today.

Minister for Women Katy Gallagher walks through Parliament House
Latest News Politics

Government launches dashboard tracking intimate partner homicides

A statistical dashboard will publish new data every three months, replacing the previous system which was updated annually.

Who is Jeremiah Manele?
Latest News Politics World

Albanese meets with Solomon Islands PM

Who is Jeremiah Manele? Prime Minister Anthony Albanese meet his Solomon Islands counterpart in Canberra on Wednesday.

Senator Fatima Payman has quit the Labor Party.
Latest News Politics

Fatima Payman crosses floor on Palestine vote

Labor Senator Fatima Payman has crossed the floor to vote against her party during a motion brought about by the Greens to recognise the state of Palestine.

Australia's new Governor-General Samantha Mostyn, in a formal portrait.
Latest News Politics

Why the Governor-General’s salary will increase

Australia’s new Governor-General Samantha Mostyn starts her role next Monday, replacing David Hurley.

Pill testing in Victoria
Health Latest News Politics

Victoria’s pill testing plan revealed

Pill testing in Victoria will start this summer, following a “horror” season across the first few months of the year.

A series of brightly coloured vapes standing upright. None of them are visibly branded.
Latest News Politics

Adults to access vapes with no prescription under Greens amendments

The Greens proposed the amendment in exchange for supporting the Government’s bill in the Senate.

A woman and a man sit at a conference table covered in documents. They are shot from above so you can't see their faces, just the top of their head and shoulders.
Economics Latest News

Public sector pay gap revealed for the first time

The public sector’s pay gap has been revealed, with women in public service earning, on average, 86 cents for every dollar earned by men in 2022.

Two teenagers stare at a laptop.
Culture Latest News

Both major political parties now support a social media ban for children under 16

This week, Opposition Leader Peter Dutton promised to block under-16s from social media within the first 100 days of a Coalition government.

Communities will have access to products including pads, tampons, menstrual cups and period underwear.
Latest News

Remote First Nations communities will now have access to free period products

The community-led program will help an estimated 12,500 women and girls each year.

What's a recession?
Economics Latest News Politics

Chalmers downplays recession fears

What’s a recession? Treasurer Jim Chalmers has downplayed the risk of a recession, despite figures suggesting the economy is barely growing.

New rental complaint form
Latest News Politics

New rental complaint system in Victoria

A new rental complaint form has been rolled out in Victoria, giving prospective renters a new avenue to report dodgy properties.

buy now pay later regulated
Latest News Politics

Buy Now, Pay Later could be regulated like credit cards

Under the bill introduced, buy now, pay later providers would be subject to existing credit laws, regulated by ASIC.

human rights act
Latest News Politics

Human Rights Act proposed by Committee, rejected by Government

The Government says it won’t establish a Human Rights Act, despite a recommendation from a Parliamentary Committee.

China lifts beef ban
Latest News Politics World

China lifts export bans on most Australian beef

China has lifted a beef ban on Australian exports, as pandemic-era restrictions on several other exports are also removed.

Latest inflation numbers
Economics Latest News

Prices rise by 3.6% in year to April

Latest inflation numbers from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show a 3.6% rise in prices in the year to April 2024.

Interview with the Minister for Women, Katy Gallagher
News Politics

Interview with the Minister for Women, Katy Gallagher

50-cent fares
News Politics

Queensland transport fares cut to 50 cents

50-cent fares will be rolled out on Queensland public transport services from August, as part of a program to reduce traffic congestion.

WA knife reforms
Latest News Politics

WA to add nation-leading knife laws

WA knife reforms will add tougher penalties for the possession and sale of knives to children, Premier Roger Cook has announced.

Eraring extended to 2027
Latest News Politics

Sharpe extends Eraring power station to 2027

Eraring power station will have its life extended to 2027, under an agreement to secure energy supply for NSW over the next two years.

New Queensland legislation
Latest News Politics

Queensland to change sexual assault laws

New Queensland legislation will focus on supporting victim-survivors during criminal trials, and add new offences for adult abusers.

Ozempic replicas banned
Latest News Politics Science

Ozempic replicas banned from October

Ozempic replicas will be banned from October, under a safety measure announced by Health Minister Mark Butler.

Can I get a hecs refund?
Latest News Politics

Can I get a HECS refund if I paid it off last year?

Can I get a HECS refund? About the Government’s plan to refund HECS indexation.

Tonight, Treasurer Jim Chalmers delivered the 2024 Federal Budget.
Economics Latest News Politics

Everything you need to know about the 2024 Federal Budget

The Government, led by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, has two big decisions to make: what to spend money on, and where to get that money from.

University and Government officials have met in Canberra to discuss proposed changes to the higher education sector, including limits on international student numbers across Australian universities.
Latest News Politics

Govt proposes limiting international student numbers

It’s part of a broader strategy to reduce the migration rate.

A group of Labor MPs say they’re concerned about the environmental impacts of the Federal Government’s new energy plan.
Latest News Politics

Labor MPs raise concerns about Govt’s gas strategy

The Government released its “Future Gas Strategy” last week,
outlining how it plans to use gas for the “economy’s transition to net zero”.

The Government v Social Media
Latest News Politics

Why does the Government want to change social media?

Tomorrow, the Government will release its key economic document. What is the Federal Budget? And what's in it?
Latest News Politics

What is the Federal Budget?

Tomorrow, the Government will release its key economic document. What is the Federal Budget? And what’s in it?

The Government will launch a parliamentary committee to investigate the “influence and impacts of social media on Australian society”.
Latest News Politics

Govt launches parliamentary committee investigating social media

The inquiry will examine a raft of issues including the mental health impact of social media algorithms and the spread of illegal content online.

Lobbying review
Latest News Politics

Senate’s proposed lobbyist reforms criticised

A review into lobbying at Parliament House has found that current rules haven’t kept pace with the growth of the billion-dollar industry.

HECS debts wiped
Latest News Politics

Billions in student debts to be wiped under HECS overhaul

Billions of dollars in HECS debts will be wiped by the Federal Government as part of an overhaul of the national student debt system.

Queensland reproductive leave
Latest News Politics

Queensland nurses among those to receive reproductive health leave

Reproductive leave will be offered to Queensland Government employees from later this year, under a new measure due to help thousands.

queensland energy rebate
Latest News Politics

Queensland to receive $1,000 energy rebate

Queensland Premier Steven Miles has announced a $1,000 energy bill rebate for all households.

The Federal Government is calling for public feedback on ways to improve online safety.
Latest News Politics

How can the Government improve online safety?

It’s released an “issues paper” including proposals to safeguard Australians from the threats of technologies like deepfakes and AI.

Road deaths in Australia
Latest News

Road deaths rise by 8% across Australia

Road deaths in Australia are on the rise, according to new data from the Australian Automobile Association.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Papua New Guinea (PNG) Prime Minister James Marape have begun a two-day hike of the Kokoda Track.
Latest News Politics

Anthony Albanese is hiking the Kokoda Track. What is it?

The pair will walk only part of the track, beginning in Kokoda and ending in the village of Isurava, where a dawn service will be held on ANZAC Day. Albanese is the first PM to walk Kokoda while in office.

Australia's biggest vape seizure
Latest News Politics

Largest vape seizure in Australia’s history

Australia’s biggest vape seizure has amassed nearly 500,000 illegally imported vapes, worth about $15 million in street value.

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