Job-sharing politicians
Culture Latest News Politics

Job-sharing political candidates want an Australian first

Job-sharing politicians would allow greater skillsets and perspectives in Canberra, according to two women making the push for parliament.

kith and kin
Culture Latest News

Archie Moore the first Australian to win top award at Venice Biennale

kith and kin – genealogical chart tracing artist Archie Moore’s ancestry and family – has won the top award at the Venice Biennale.

Brisbane pill testing centre
Latest News Politics Science

Australia’s second-ever pill testing centre opens

A pill testing centre in Brisbane opened on Friday, becoming the second fixed drug checking site in Australia.

WA’s Minister for Women’s Interests Sue Ellery said free period products in Western Australia (WA) would help to “ensure that having your period is not a barrier for school participation”.
Latest News

Western Australia to offer free period products in primary schools

Free period products in WA primary schools will begin from July, under a new announcement from the state government.

Alice Springs curfew
Latest News

Alice Springs curfew ends as school returns

The Alice Springs curfew imposed on young people has been lifted, three weeks after first coming into effect.

Australia Post letter reduction
Latest News

Australia Post shake-up to begin

Australia Post will reduce its letter delivery to every second day and improve parcel delivery under changes set to begin next week.

Who is Roxanne Tickle?
Latest News

Roxanne Tickle sues for social media removal

A transgender woman is suing inactive social media platform Giggle over claims of unlawful discrimination.

Australian supermarkets
Economics Latest News Politics

Billion-dollar fines under supermarket proposal

Australian supermarkets could face billions of dollars in penalties for severe abuses of power, under a new proposal tabled on Monday.

draft national autism strategy
Latest News Politics

Draft National Autism Strategy released by Aus Govt

Improved social and economic inclusion and health support for Autistic people were among the key outcome areas the draft strategy hopes to address.

Why the AFL are being accused of a cover up
Politics Sport

Why the AFL are being accused of a cover-up

alrc discrimination law
Latest News Politics

ALRC gives govt advice on anti-discrimination law

crossbench political donations
Latest Politics

Crossbench political donations reform could force real-time disclosures

A group of crossbench federal politicians are calling for political donations to be more tightly regulated.

NT schools fully funded
Latest News

All NT public schools will be ‘fully funded’ by 2029

Today’s announcement means all public schools in the NT are expected to meet the SRS by 2029.

coles woolies prices

Coles & Woolies: Inquiries into Australia’s Retail Giants

Pill testing in Australia
Latest Science

What’s happening with pill testing in Australia?

Pill testing in Australia is a loaded subject, full of conflicting opinions and viewpoints. Here we break down the state of pill testing in Australia.

Bankwest closing its branches
Economics Latest News

Bankwest to go fully digital by end of year

Bankwest is closing its branches as part of a decision to go fully digital by the end of 2024, it announced this week.

University students sitting in lecutre

How unpaid uni placements are causing ‘placement poverty’

meta australian news
Latest News

Meta won’t pay for Australian news. Here’s what that means for us.

Separately, Meta also announced last month it’s taking steps to limit the reach of “political” content on its platforms.

NSW UTI trial
Latest News Politics

UTI trial supporting NSW women: Park

A NSW UTI trial giving pharmacists more power to treat infection is surpassing projections, Health Minister Ryan Park has said.

ASEAN summit melbourne
Latest News Politics

The ASEAN summit is underway in Melbourne

Southeast Asian leaders have gathered in Melbourne for the start of this week’s ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Summit.

Who is the former politician accused of spying on Australia?
Latest News Politics

Former politician was working with foreign spies: ASIO

Who is the former politician accused of spying on Australia? ASIO revealed that a former politician “sold out their country” this week.

federal government influencers vaping
Latest News Politics

Federal Government hires influencers for anti-vaping campaign

The Federal Government is working with popular social media influencers, athletes, comedians and gamers, to warn teenagers about the dangers of vaping.

stage 3 tax cuts pass parliament
Economics Latest

Stage 3 tax cuts pass Parliament

The tax cuts will come into effect on 1 July, after passing the Senate with the support of the Opposition.

what is question time

What on earth is Question Time?

In this video explainer, we take a look at what Question Time is, and if there’s an appetite to change it.

placement poverty
Latest News

An expert panel says it’s time to end ‘placement poverty’

Students who complete placements as part of their degree shouldn’t suffer ‘placement poverty’, according to an expert panel.

BetStop uptake
Latest News Politics Sport

Gambling warning ahead of season launch

BetStop uptake has risen to over 18,000 users in the six months since the gambling self-exclusion register was launched.

Yang Hengjun chooses not to appeal
Latest News Politics World

Yang Hengjun won’t appeal death sentence

Yang Hengjun has chosen not to appeal the suspended death sentence handed to him by a Beijing court earlier this month. Here’s why.

breath test politicians in Parliament
Latest Politics

There’s a push to breath test politicians in Parliament

There is a push to breath test politicians in Parliament House after two recent incidents involving parliamentarians and alcohol.

Western Australia boat
Latest News Politics World

What we know about a boat arrival of asylum seekers in Western Australia

A boat that arrived in Western Australia on Friday has sparked a new political furore between Anthony Albanese and Peter Dutton.

Music festival funding
Culture Economics Latest News

Greens call for public music festival funding

Music festival funding is needed to secure the sustainability of Australian music festivals, The Greens have said.

Sex work in Queensland
News Politics

Queensland sex work one step closer to decriminalisation

Sex work in Queensland will be decriminalised under new laws introduced by the Government this week. The changes are expected to pass.

Julian Assange faces extradition to the U.S.
Latest News Politics World

Australian MPs call for Assange’s release

A motion calling for Julian Assange’s return passed the House of Representatives with the support of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

federal government ban doxxing
Latest News Politics

The Federal Government’s plan to ban doxxing

The Government said it comes after a group chat with over 600 members of the Australian Jewish community, including some of their names and jobs, was leaked last week.

closing the gap target update
Latest News Politics

Closing the Gap update: four targets going backwards

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton said there had been a “collective effort across [political parties], across administrations, across levels of government,” to close the gap.

Influencers and gambling
Latest News Politics

Celebrity gambling ads could harm young people

Influencers and gambling ads spruiked to their significant followings are leading to increased acceptance of betting among young people.

Queensland man arrested
Latest News

Man charged with 1,000 child abuse images

A Queensland man arrested and charged with possessing over 1,000 child abuse images will face court next month.

Youth crime in Australia
News Politics

Youth crime is rising in Australia

Youth crime in Australia has risen by 6% in the 12 months to June 2023, new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics has shown.

Sewage dropped on Perth bushfire
Environment News

Sewage water dropped on Perth bushfire

Sewage dropped on a Perth bushfire has led to a formal investigation about the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The right to disconnect
Culture News Politics

Right to disconnect should be law, Senate Committee says

The right to disconnect from work during personal time would be protected under law, according to a recommendation by a Senate Committee.

Who is Yang Hengjun?
News Politics World

Yang Hengjun: Australian writer facing death penalty in China

Who is Yang Hengjun? The Australian writer has just been handed a suspended death sentence by a Chinese court.

New visa rules for the UK
News Politics World

New visa rules for young Australians

New visa rules for the UK are now in place for young Australians. The new measures hope to attract more travellers for up to three years.

Pat Dodson quits politics
News Politics

First Nations Senator Pat Dodson is quitting politics

Pat Dodson, a First Nations man and Labor Senator, has announced he’s quitting politics after seven years.

cuts to infrastructure projects

Cuts to infrastructure projects announced amid inflation fears

The Federal Government has announced cuts to 50 major infrastructure projects and warned more may be needed amid inflation fears.

strict conditions immigration detention

Strict conditions for people released from immigration detention

The Federal Government will impose strict conditions on people released from immigration detention after last week’s High Court ruling.

independent mp federal lobbying

An Independent MP wants to crack down on federal lobbying

Independent MP Dr. Monique Ryan has introduced a bill to Parliament today which would put limits on lobbying activities in federal politics.

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