Australia drug use

ketamine depression

Ketamine used to treat depression

A clinic offering ketamine treatment for depression has opened in Victoria this month.

nsw drugs fines

NSW Government proposal could see fines for possession of small amounts of drugs

NSW Police could soon be able to fine people caught with small amounts of drugs, instead of issuing criminal charges.

Drink spiking in Australia

Spiking hits record highs in NSW

Drink spiking is illegal across Australia, yet reports have hit record-breaking highs in the country’s most populated state. Here’s why

how many australians die from drug overdoses

New data shows how many Australians die from drug overdoses every day

Six Australians die from drug overdoses every day, according to an annual report from the Penington Institute.

cocaine use in australia

Australians and New Zealanders use more cocaine than anyone else

Cocaine use in Australia and New Zealand is higher than in any other part of the world, according to a new UN report. Here are the details

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