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NSW junior doctors have bagged $230 million in Australia's largest class action settlement.
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NSW junior doctors win biggest settlement for underpayment

Junior doctors across NSW have won $230 million in an underpayment settlement, the highest for a class action in Australia.

endometriosis treatment

The Federal Govt’s update on its endometriosis treatment National Action Plan

Over the last few years, 22 pain clinics – aimed at improving access to endometriosis treatment and diagnosis – have opened in Australia.


Syphilis diagnoses more than tripled in a decade

National syphilis diagnoses have more than tripled since 2013, according to a new report on sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

transplanted uterus

First transplanted uterus and successful birth in Australia

Kirsty Bryant, 30, has become the first woman in Australia to give birth to a baby from a transplanted uterus.

NSW paramedics

NSW Paramedics could be short of workers on NYE

Thousands of NSW paramedics could stop work on New Year’s if an ongoing pay dispute is not resolved to bring wages in line with other states.

voluntary assisted dying in NSW

Voluntary assisted dying in NSW is now legal

Voluntary assisted dying (VAD) can now be accessed in NSW. It means VAD is now accessible in every Australian state.

Head injury

Head injuries leave one Aussie hospitalised every four minutes

AIHW found head injuries resulted in 142,000 hospital admissions – the equivalent of one admission every four minutes.

Mental health in Australia
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Major issues found in mental health sector

Mental health in Australia is under the microscope this week, after the release of a new 10-year health strategy. Here’s what it says

CSIRO diet score

Aussies need to drink less and eat more veggies, new study says

The CSIRO diet score suggests Australians’ eating habits are becoming less healthy over time. Here’s what else it found.

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