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Could Australia be heading for a housing


barriers to building new homes

What are the barriers to building more homes?

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says more supply of homes is “key” to housing affordability. So how many more houses does Australia need, and what are the barriers to building them?

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Does Albanese want the housing bill to fail?

The Government has reintroduced its housing bill to Parliament this week. It’s previously faced opposition from both the Liberals, Greens and some Independents, and if it fails again, it could lead to something called a double dissolution. In today’s deep dive, TDA journalist Tom Crowley explains what the Bill is, what’s standing in its way, and why the government could potentially want it to fail.

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An interview with the Minister for Youth, Dr. Anne Aly

If you didn’t know we had a Minister for Youth, you wouldn’t be alone. In today’s deep dive, TDA Editor Billi FitzSimons asks the Minister what she actually does and what her plans are for her time in government. From mental health, HECS, the voting age, climate change, housing and more, this special episode will give you insight into the Minister charged with prioritising young Australians.

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Good(ish) news for the economy

The good(ish) news is that this week we had the strongest indicator yet that inflation is easing, while unemployment remains low. The bad news is that the rental crisis continues, with rental prices rising at the fastest rate since 1988. TDA journalist Tom Crowley will explain why this is all happening, and what it means for you, in the deep dive.

are rent prices increasing in australia

Rent prices in Australia’s capital cities had a historic rise in the last year

Why are rent prices rising? New data released this found rent prices in capital cities has had record increases this year. Here’s why

how did the housing crisis in australia begin

How did the housing crisis begin in Australia?

Housing crisis Australia: How did we get here? Why did housing become so expensive, and can we fix it? Here’s what to know.

Chris Minns Interview with TDA

TDA’s chat with NSW Labor Leader Chris Minns

Dom Perrottet-Interview

TDA’s chat with NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet

The fall in house prices has slowed: What's behind the shift?

The fall in house prices has slowed: What’s behind the shift?

Learn why Australian house prices have been falling since May, and what’s causing the recent slowdown. Will prices continue to decline? Find out here.

Fixing the property crisis

Property: How to fix a property crisis

Property: How Negative Gearing BLEW UP House Prices

Property: How does negative gearing work?

Is it harder for young people to buy their first home?

Property: SOLD! Why Owning A House Has Become SO Exclusive

Property: SOLD! Why Owning A House Has Become SO Exclusive

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