Sydney set for busiest weekend since 2000 Olympics

heatwave warnings

Heatwave warnings issued across most of Australia

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has issued heatwave warnings across parts of Australian states and territories except Tasmania.

auspost letters

AusPost letters will be reduced to deliveries every second day

AusPost will now deliver standard letters every second business day to focus on the growing demand for parcels.

AI in Australian schools 

New plan for AI use in Australian schools

AI in Australian schools will be guided by a national framework released by the Federal Government on Friday.

unclaimed medicare benefits

Australians owed $234 million in unclaimed Medicare benefits

The Government says Australians are owed over $230 million in unclaimed Medicare benefits which are typically paid out within three days.

Nazi bans in Australia

Nazi salute to be banned in Australia

Nazi bans in Australia will be strengthened by an amendment that will ban the Nazi salute throughout Australia.

Childcare in Australia

Free childcare urged for low-income families

Childcare in Australia should be free or inexpensive for low-income families, a report from a government agency has said.

Australia-India film productions

A new deal could see Australia-India film productions

Governments have signed a new agreement that could see Australia-India film productions made by the two countries.

Friends talking in a park

Social cohesion at lowest point on record in Australia

Financial stress is making life harder in Australia and driving people further apart, causing the lowest levels of social cohesion on record.

strict conditions immigration detention

High Court rules indefinite immigration detention unlawful

The High Court of Australia has ruled that indefinite immigration detention is unlawful in the case of a man awaiting deportation.

Australian universities in India

India expansion on the cards for universities

Six Australian universities have agreed to investigate the possibility of adding campuses in India. It comes during a visit to the country.

Albanese China visit

Anthony Albanese is in China in the first PM visit for seven years

Anthony Albanese is in China to meet President Xi Jinping, in the first visit by an Australian Prime Minister for seven years.

Australia EU trade deal

Australia’s EU free trade deal has collapsed

Negotiations for a trade deal between the European Union (EU) and Australia have collapsed following another round of unsuccessful talks.

Ruby Princess

Federal Court delivers Ruby Princess verdict

The Ruby Princess docked in Sydney at the start of the pandemic, with passengers allowed to disembark despite reporting illness.

China Australian wine tariffs

China could scrap its heavy Australian wine tariffs

The Chinese Government has agreed to review the heavy tariffs (financial penalties) it imposed on Australian wine exports in 2020.

electricity demand lows

Unseasonably warm winter led to record electricity demand lows

Record lows in electricity demand have been tied to this year’s mild winter temperatures, according to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

Changes for international students

Crackdown on foreign student system begins

Changes for international students are hoped to stop dodgy education agents and providers from taking advantage of students.

What will the COVID inquiry look at

Australia’s COVID response to face official inquiry

The independent COVID inquiry will look at several areas of the Federal Government’s response to the pandemic. Here’s the details

What's lumpy skin disease

Indonesia has lifted trade restrictions on Australian livestock

What’s lumpy skin disease? Indonesia has lifted restrictions on Australian livestock after they say the disease was discovered on cattle.

drop in drowning deaths

Australia had a 17% drop in drowning deaths last year

There was a 17% drop in drowning deaths in Australia in the past year compared to the year prior, according to new data from The Royal Life Saving Society Australia (RLSSA).

The Daily Aus podcast

Poorer, hotter, older: The Government’s crystal ball

Every few years the Government shares its predictions about where Australia is headed and what sort of country it thinks we’ll be in the decades ahead. Those projections are released in the form of the Intergenerational Report. In today’s deep dive, we’ll take a closer look at what the report found, and how the Government plans to manage those findings.

Gender pay gap at all-time low

Gender pay gap hits all-time low

The latest official figures show the gender pay gap in full-time earnings has fallen to an all-time low. Why has the gap closed?

australia self-ban gambling

Australia is introducing a self-ban option for online gambling

How will a gambling ban work? It won’t be applied to all problem gamblers but will stop some from placing bets online. Here are the details

cocaine use in australia

Australians and New Zealanders use more cocaine than anyone else

Cocaine use in Australia and New Zealand is higher than in any other part of the world, according to a new UN report. Here are the details

Melbourne third most liveable city

Melbourne edges Sydney to claim world’s third most liveable city

Melbourne has narrowly beaten Sydney to be the most liveable city in Australia for 2023, and third worldwide.

is ai going to be banned in australia

A ban on ‘high-risk’ artificial intelligence is being considered in Australia

A ban on some AI could soon become a reality in Australia, according to a Federal Government paper released on Thursday. Here are the details

road deaths in australia

Road deaths rose in almost every state and territory in the past 12 months

New data has found that road deaths across Australia were on the rise in all states and territories bar one. Here’s the breakdown

UK wind energy

The UK has set a new renewable energy record

New data has shown wind was the highest-used energy source in the first three months of 2023 in the UK. Here’s the breakdown

Should paid jobs be part of a degree?

Should paid jobs be added to degrees? Six major Australian universities think so

A group of Australian universities have called for paid jobs to be added to degrees. But what would it look like? Here are the details.

NDIS overhaul

Bill Shorten flags NDIS overhaul for troubled disability scheme

Bill Shorten has promised an NDIS overhaul, admitting the scheme is “not what it should be” and flagging a crackdown on dodgy providers.

Peter Bol doping investigation

Peter Bol doping test was mishandled, says Bol’s lawyer

Peter Bol’s lawyer says his doping investigation was mishandled by Sports Integrity of Australia after experts found his samples were clean.

What is the Glasgow Climate Conference?

What is the Glasgow Climate Conference?

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