Australian bushfires

Perth bushfires

Bushfires have destroyed 10 homes north of Perth

Over 500 emergency personnel are responding to around 60 Perth bushfires with a heatwave expected to continue for several days.

Queensland Bushfires

32 homes have been destroyed in Queensland’s bushfires

32 homes have been lost after several days of extreme conditions in the Western Downs region where there are Queensland bushfires.

Western Downs Bushfires

One person dead in QLD Western Downs bushfire

One person has died and at least six homes have been destroyed as crews continue to battle multiple blazes west of Brisbane.

prepared bushfire season

Is Australia prepared for bushfire season?

Australia’s first-ever ‘bushfire preparedness’ summit is underway in Canberra.

Northern Territory fires

Uncontrolled fires are spreading through the Northern Territory

Uncontrolled fires are spreading through the Northern Territory, posing a potential threat to a nearby town.

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