Australian education

Childcare in Australia

Free childcare urged for low-income families

Childcare in Australia should be free or inexpensive for low-income families, a report from a government agency has said.

funding gap private public

New research suggests funding gap between private and public schools

Australian Education Union research suggests a funding gap between public and private schools in Australia.

why are south australia teachers on strike

South Australia’s teachers are on strike today

Almost 170 schools across South Australia are closed today as teachers strike for better pay and working conditions.

What is school refusal?

School refusal could be behind falling school attendance, Senate inquiry says

What is school refusal? A Senate inquiry has said it could be responsible for falling student attendance numbers across the country.

Should paid work be added to teaching degrees

Australia’s prospective teachers could have paid work added to their degrees under a government-backed plan

Should paid work be added to teaching degrees? Australia’s Education Ministers have backed a paid employment plan for prospective teachers.

Can Turnitin detect ChatGPT

Can Turnitin detect ChatGPT? Here’s what we know.

Turnitin has unveiled software they say can detect ChatGPT. But many Australian universities aren’t using it. Here’s why.

NSW public school teachers will strike for 24 hours today

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