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Tonight, Treasurer Jim Chalmers delivered the 2024 Federal Budget.
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Everything you need to know about the 2024 Federal Budget

The Government, led by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, has two big decisions to make: what to spend money on, and where to get that money from.

Road deaths in Australia
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Road deaths rise by 8% across Australia

Road deaths in Australia are on the rise, according to new data from the Australian Automobile Association.

What does the future of music festivals look like?
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What does the future of music festivals look like?

alrc discrimination law
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ALRC gives govt advice on anti-discrimination law

Pill testing in Australia
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What’s happening with pill testing in Australia?

Pill testing in Australia is a loaded subject, full of conflicting opinions and viewpoints. Here we break down the state of pill testing in Australia.

Penny Wong has become the longest serving female minister.
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Foreign Minister Penny Wong has become Australia’s longest-serving female minister

Foreign Minister Penny Wong has become Australia’s longest-serving female minister, overtaking former Liberal politician Amanda Vanstone.

ASEAN summit melbourne
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The ASEAN summit is underway in Melbourne

Southeast Asian leaders have gathered in Melbourne for the start of this week’s ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Summit.

Western Australia boat
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What we know about a boat arrival of asylum seekers in Western Australia

A boat that arrived in Western Australia on Friday has sparked a new political furore between Anthony Albanese and Peter Dutton.

The right to disconnect
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Right to disconnect should be law, Senate Committee says

The right to disconnect from work during personal time would be protected under law, according to a recommendation by a Senate Committee.

Brisbane flooding
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Recovery starts for southeast Queensland

Brisbane flooding has caused destruction, one week after Ex-Tropical Cyclone Kirrily swept through Far North Queensland.

Australian vape seizure
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Multi-million dollar vape bust in Adelaide

An Australian vape seizure has stopped $4.5 million from lining the pockets of criminals, the Federal Government has said.

Scott Morrison has a new job
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Scott Morrison’s new job revealed

Scott Morrison’s new job has been revealed, 24 hours after quitting politics. He will now work with a former advisor to Donald Trump.

Scott Morrison's political career
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Scott Morrison retires from politics

Scott Morrison’s political career will come to an end at the end of February, the former Prime Minister announced on Tuesday.

Sexual consent definition
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National consent framework released

A definition for sexual consent has been included in a national framework released on Saturday. Key concepts of consent are also included.

Workplace laws in Australia

New sexual harassment measures

Workplace laws in Australia will look a little different from Tuesday, as one public agency is given new investigative powers.

The High Court has thrown out an appeal by an Iranian asylum seeker trying to avoid deportation.
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Three ex-detainees arrested after High Court detention ruling

Three ex-detainees were arrested after being released from Immigration detention because of last month’s High Court ruling.

What is income apportionment? 
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Centrelink could waive 100,000 debts

What is income apportionment? The unlawful scheme has created a burdensome administrative task that could trigger a large-scale debt waiver.

Who is NZYQ?
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New laws to return High Court detainees

Who is NZYQ? A High Court decision triggered the release of over 140 indefinite detainees. The Government is developing laws to return them.

Shan United
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Wong used special powers to block Myanmar team visas

Foreign Minister Penny Wong was directly involved in a decision to block Shan United from entering Australia, TDA has learned.

Nazi bans in Australia

Nazi salute to be banned in Australia

Nazi bans in Australia will be strengthened by an amendment that will ban the Nazi salute throughout Australia.

restrict recreational vapes 2024

Recreational vapes to be banned from 2024

New measures to restrict the use of recreational vapes will be introduced from 1 January 2024 under a new government timeline.

Student safety

New plan to stop on-campus violence

Student safety at Australian universities is threatened by widespread reports of sexual violence. A new action plan hopes to confront this.

Israeli bombardments in Gaza following Hamas October 7 attack
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Australian politicians respond to the conflict in Israel and Gaza

Australian politicians have had varied responses to the conflict in Israel and Gaza, as the Government officially calls for “humanitarian pauses” following the Hamas attack on Israel on 7 October.

parental leave draft laws

Paid parental leave could expand under draft laws

The Federal Government today introduced draft laws to increase paid parental leave (PPL) to 26 weeks by 2026.

crypto crackdown
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Crypto crackdown on the way, Chalmers says

A crypto crackdown will be included in legislation set to be tabled in Australia next year. This is what it could look like.

Changes for international students
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Crackdown on foreign student system begins

Changes for international students are hoped to stop dodgy education agents and providers from taking advantage of students.

What will the COVID inquiry look at
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Australia’s COVID response to face official inquiry

The independent COVID inquiry will look at several areas of the Federal Government’s response to the pandemic. Here’s the details

Is JobSeeker rising
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JobSeeker payments have risen

JobSeeker is rising on Wednesday, following a combination of periodic increases and new laws taking effect. Here’s the important details

How safe is online dating
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Rowland sets deadline for online dating reform

The Federal Government has issued online dating apps with a new deadline to improve the safety features on their platforms.

what was the qatar airways decision
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Backlash continues over decision to block Qatar flights

What was the Qatar Airways decision? The Government is facing sustained backlash over their call to block more flights into Australia.

feral cats in australia
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Federal Government declares war on feral cats

The Australian Government has launched a new attack on feral cats through the release of a new plan to curb damage caused by the animals.

The Daily Aus podcast
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Poorer, hotter, older: The Government’s crystal ball

Every few years the Government shares its predictions about where Australia is headed and what sort of country it thinks we’ll be in the decades ahead. Those projections are released in the form of the Intergenerational Report. In today’s deep dive, we’ll take a closer look at what the report found, and how the Government plans to manage those findings.

The Daily Aus podcast

A win or a warning for the Great Barrier Reef?

UNESCO has delayed its decision to classify the Great Barrier Reef as ‘in danger’, welcoming steps from the Australian Government to protect the reef. While the Government has been quick to call this a win, this doesn’t mean the reef is in the clear, with UNESCO noting more regular and severe coral bleaching events as a cause for concern. In today’s deep dive we’ll look at what’s going on with the reef and what UNESCO’s decision actually means.

solomon islands deal
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The Solomon Islands PM has accused Australia of pulling money over China ties

The Solomon Islands’ latest deal with China has prompted Solomons’ PM to lash out at Australia on multiple fronts.

working holiday visa Australia UK extended
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Young Australians will be able to work in the UK for an extra year under a new agreement

Australians on British working visas are set for a shake up, after a free trade agreement came into effect on Wednesday. Here’s the details

is tiktok banned in australia
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Are Australian politicians deleting their TikTok accounts?

Is TikTok banned in Australia? The Government has announced TikTok will be deleted from government devices. Will politicians be deleting it?

How To Build The Australian Government

How To Build The Australian Government

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