Australian Universities

Australian universities in India
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India expansion on the cards for universities

Six Australian universities have agreed to investigate the possibility of adding campuses in India. It comes during a visit to the country.

Changes for international students
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Crackdown on foreign student system begins

Changes for international students are hoped to stop dodgy education agents and providers from taking advantage of students.

50% pass rule
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The Federal Government will scrap a rule that stops failing students from accessing HECS

A rule that excludes university students from studebt debt support based on their academic output will be axed. Here’s why

The Daily Aus podcast

The call to address sexual violence at unis

Over 40 university groups and individuals have signed an open letter calling for an independent body to respond to sexual violence at universities.

They estimated that at least 14,300 students will be sexually assaulted in university contexts per year.

In today’s deep dive, we’ll look at what the letter is calling for, and how the Government has responded.

sexual violence at Australian universities
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Fresh calls to address sexual violence at Australian universities

A student safety body for unis has been put forward in a national open letter. It’s targeted at addressing sexual violence around campuses.

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Labor has announced a $1.2 billion University and TAFE funding plan if it wins the next election

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