Australian navy HMAS Toowoomba

PM questioned about China’s suspected role in Aussie navy divers injuries

The Australian Government said navy divers were likely injured due to sonar pulses from a Chinese warship.

The Daily Aus podcast

Why is China’s economy on “the brink of a cliff”?

We’ve spoken a lot on this podcast about how Australia, and in fact much of the world, is battling inflation. But in China the current economic situation is actually one of deflation.  TDA journalist Tom Crowley is going to explain what this all means, and how it’s likely to impact Australia. It’s also Tom’s last deep dive on the podcast so stick around until the end to hear his farewell!

Listen to Why actors walked out on their own premiere .

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Guest: Tom Crowley

Hosts: Zara Seidler and Sam Koslowski

Producer: Ninah Kopel

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What did Albanese do in China

Albanese concludes historic China visit

What did Albanese do in China? The Australian PM will leave on Tuesday following high-level talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

china economy trouble

Why is China’s economy in trouble?

China’s housing market has crashed, investors are withdrawing, and youth unemployment is so high the government has stopped publishing the number. Senior leaders met last week to agree on a way forward.

Albanese China visit

Anthony Albanese is in China in the first PM visit for seven years

Anthony Albanese is in China to meet President Xi Jinping, in the first visit by an Australian Prime Minister for seven years.

China Australian wine tariffs

China could scrap its heavy Australian wine tariffs

The Chinese Government has agreed to review the heavy tariffs (financial penalties) it imposed on Australian wine exports in 2020.

banning wechat in australia

WeChat could be banned on government devices under Senate recommendation

solomon islands deal

The Solomon Islands PM has accused Australia of pulling money over China ties

The Solomon Islands’ latest deal with China has prompted Solomons’ PM to lash out at Australia on multiple fronts.

Albanese China visit

The G20 summit will begin this week

Leaders from the world’s leading and emerging economies will meet in Bali for the Group of Twenty’s (G20) annual Summit.

Why is there a major meeting in China?

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