Climate change

el niño may

The BoM says El Niño conditions will likely persist through to May

Hot and dry conditions from an El Niño weather event are likely to continue into May next year, according to the BoM.

Children climate crisis

Would you have children in a climate crisis?

More people are choosing not to have children in a climate crisis because of “eco-anxiety”, according to a review by PLOS Climate.

compensate poorer countries climate change

The UN plan to compensate poorer countries for climate change

Countries at last year’s UN climate conference made a “historic” agreement to set up a fund to compensate poorer countries for climate-related extreme weather events.

why is it smoky in sydney

Sydney has been covered in a blanket of smoke. Why?

Controlled burns are taking place across Sydney to minimise the risk of future bushfires. This is why it’s smoky in Sydney right now.

Philip Lowe final speech

Philip Lowe hits back at media in final speech as RBA Governor

In his final speech, RBA Governor Philip Lowe has criticised the media for personal attacks but admitted he had “difficulties” communicating.

world's hottest period

Scientists say June to August was the world’s hottest period ever

The report, conducted by the Copernicus Climate Change Service, said the June-August period was the warmest “by a large margin”.

Montana climate court case

Montana young people win court case over climate harm

A group of young people have won a court case against the U.S. state of Montana, arguing climate inaction violates their rights.

The Daily Aus podcast

A win or a warning for the Great Barrier Reef?

UNESCO has delayed its decision to classify the Great Barrier Reef as ‘in danger’, welcoming steps from the Australian Government to protect the reef. While the Government has been quick to call this a win, this doesn’t mean the reef is in the clear, with UNESCO noting more regular and severe coral bleaching events as a cause for concern. In today’s deep dive we’ll look at what’s going on with the reef and what UNESCO’s decision actually means.

The Daily Aus podcast

An interview with the Minister for Youth, Dr. Anne Aly

If you didn’t know we had a Minister for Youth, you wouldn’t be alone. In today’s deep dive, TDA Editor Billi FitzSimons asks the Minister what she actually does and what her plans are for her time in government. From mental health, HECS, the voting age, climate change, housing and more, this special episode will give you insight into the Minister charged with prioritising young Australians.

world hottest week ever

The world has recorded its hottest week ever

Several days in the first week of July broke daily temperature records and July is now on track to be the hottest month on record.

UK wind energy

The UK has set a new renewable energy record

New data has shown wind was the highest-used energy source in the first three months of 2023 in the UK. Here’s the breakdown

China Stone coal mine cancelled

Two coal mines, including the China Stone coal mine, have been cancelled by Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek

Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek has cancelled two coal mines after they failed to address environmental concerns.

Europe petrol and diesel car ban

Europe will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035

Petrol and diesel cars will be banned in Europe by 2035. This will be to meet its climate targets, but there’s a clause for one fuel source.

safeguard mechanism the greens

Labor and the Greens have reached a compromise on climate legislation

The Greens have compromised with Labor over the climate change bill, which will now see it be passed into law.

IPCC climate change report says the world is not on track to limit climate change

We’re not on track to limit climate change: IPCC report

A major new IPCC climate change report warns the world is not on track to avoid dangerous and irreversible warming. How can we change course?

Chris Minns Interview with TDA

TDA’s chat with NSW Labor Leader Chris Minns

nsw election climate policies

NSW Election: the major parties on climate

Both major parties have issued environmental policies as a key point of their campaigns ahead of the NSW state election.

Australia's Top Polluters to Cut Emissions 5% Annually Until 2030

A review has recommended changes to the government’s carbon credit system

The review said the ACCU scheme is “essentially sound” and was “fundamentally well-designed when introduced”.

A global agreement has been reached to protect 30% of the world's land and waters by 2030

A global agreement has been reached to protect 30% of the world’s land and waters by 2030

A United Nations conference has concluded with a global agreement to protect 30% of earth’s land area and 30% of its marine area by 2030.

Here's what happened in the Victorian election

Here’s what Victorian politicians are promising on climate change

Like many state and territory governments, Victoria has its own targets for emissions reduction and for the use of renewable energy.

Australia's Top Polluters to Cut Emissions 5% Annually Until 2030

The Federal Government has delivered the first ever climate change statement

It says Australia is not on track to meet its new emissions reduction targets

Why 2 Degrees of Warming is a Big Deal for Coral | The Daily Aus

Why 2 Degrees of Warming is a Big Deal for Coral

How To Save The World's Oldest Rainforest

How To Save The World’s Oldest Rainforest

Mike Cannon-Brookes has failed in his bid to buy AGL and shut down its coal plants

Climate: Australia Ranks Where!? The Governments Fighting Climate Change

Climate: Australia ranks where!? The governments fighting climate change

Climate: The 3 Changes YOU Can Make to Help Prevent A Climate Disaster

Climate: The 3 Changes YOU Can Make to Help Prevent A Climate Disaster

What is the Glasgow Climate Conference?

What is the Glasgow Climate Conference?

Climate: Why 120 World Leaders Gathered In Scotland At The Same Time

Climate: Why 120 world leaders gathered in Scotland at the same time

Climate: Understanding Net Zero In 1½ Minutes

Climate: Understanding net zero in 1½ minutes

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