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AFL player Nathan Murphy retires over concussions

Following expert advice from the AFL’s medical concussion panel, Murphy has announced he’ll retire from professional football.

Concussion rules in Australia

New concussion rules for Australian sport

Concussion rules in Australia have been strengthened under a new guideline tailored to junior and community sport.

Who is Shane Tuck? 

Coroner recommends AFL safety overhaul

Who is Shane Tuck? The former Richmond player who died in 2020 was the subject of a coronial investigation.

Head injury

Head injuries leave one Aussie hospitalised every four minutes

AIHW found head injuries resulted in 142,000 hospital admissions – the equivalent of one admission every four minutes.

senate concussion inquiry

Senate inquiry tells sporting codes to change their concussion rules

Tougher concussion protocols could be introduced for major sporting codes after a Senate inquiry called for better regulations to limit head injuries, especially for children.

NRL concussion rules

NRL players will be automatically stood down for 11 days if they suffer a concussion

NRL enforces 11-day concussion ban, enhancing player safety amidst AFL lawsuit concerns.

lawsuit against the AFL over concussion injuries

A class action lawsuit against the AFL over concussion injuries has been lodged in court

At least seven former men’s and women’s players are suing the AFL over the concussion injuries sustained while playing.

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