Bruce Lehrmann appears outside court in Toowoomba.
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Bruce Lehrmann will face a Toowoomba trial on rape charges

Former Liberal staffer Bruce Lehrmann will face trial on rape charges in a Toowoomba court.

Jarryd Hayne outside court. The ex-NRL player has successfully appealed his rape conviction.
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Jarryd Hayne won’t go to a fourth trial

It comes after he won an appeal to have his sexual assault conviction quashed earlier this month.

louisiana surgical castration
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Louisiana votes in favour of surgical castration

The bill would allow judges to sentence convicted child sex offenders to surgical castration in Louisiana from August.

victoria justice system victim-survivor
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Victoria’s justice system is negatively impacting victim-survivors

Victoria’s justice system is traumatising victim-survivors, according to a new report on police and court processes in the state.

uber class action settlement
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Uber class action settlement: ride-share giant to pay $272m to Australian taxi drivers

Uber has agreed to a settlement in the class action launched against it by Australia taxi drivers. It will pay $272 million to settle the five-year legal dispute.

sexual assault case review
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NSW sexual assault cases under review

Sexual assault cases scheduled to go to court in NSW are now under review, following criticism from a group of judges.

Culture News

UNIQLO sues SHEIN for copying popular bag

Global fashion brand UNIQLO sues SHEIN. UNIQLO has accused the online retailer of copying the design of its Round Mini Shoulder Bag.

Kathleen Folbigg

Kathleen Folbigg criminal convictions overturned

Kathleen Folbigg’s convictions for the deaths of her four kids have been quashed, after scientists said they likely died from natural causes.

Whakaari White Island court

Court finds owners of Whakaari-White Island failed risk assessment

A New Zealand court has found the owners of Whakaari White Island were in breach of workplace safety laws when a volcanic eruption claimed 22 lives in 2019.

bruce lehrmann toowoomba

Bruce Lehrmann charged with rape in Toowoomba

Bruce Lehrmann can be named as the man who was charged with two counts of rape earlier this year in Toowoomba.

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