North Carolina mask ban
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North Carolina proposes mask ban

Republican Party lawmakers proposed legislation banning masks as a safety measure to ensure perpetrators of criminal activity can be identified.

long COVID
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Should the term “long COVID” be scrapped?

Qld’s Chief Health Officer Dr John Gerrard is calling for people to stop using terms like ‘long COVID’ as it can cause ”unnecessary fear”.

What is the JN.1 strain? 
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The Omicron variant driving COVID spike

The JN.1 strain – a subvariant of Omicron – has led to a spike in COVID-19 cases across Australia and the world.

Why is Qantas being sued?

Qantas is being sued for its handling of cancelled COVID flights

Why is Qantas being sued? Proceedings over Qantas’ handling of cancelled flights during the pandemic have begun. Here are the details

The Daily Aus podcast

30,000 COVID fines to be challenged in court

Around 60,000 fines were issued in NSW for public health order breaches during the pandemic. Now, the Redfern Legal Centre is seeking for 29,000 fines to be scrapped after it successfully challenged the validity of 33,000 fines last year.

When it comes to COVID fines, not everyone is impacted equally. In today’s deep dive, we’ll look at what’s gone wrong and what’s likely to happen next.

china foreign tourists
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China has reopened to foreign tourists for the first time since the pandemic started

China has opened its international border for the first time in three years, marking the end of its final major restriction from the pandemic.

What's in store for 2023?
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What’s in store for 2023?

Here are eight stories that might shape the next year of news.


Here are some key statistics about the aged care system and COVID-19

“I feel isolated and tossed aside”

News Science

The Omicron variant has 32 mutations in its spike protein. What does that actually mean?

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