juice jacking public charger

Juice Jacking: Are public phone charging stations dangerous?

Learn how hackers exploit compromised USB ports and gain access to your data in a practice known as ‘juice jacking’.

Why is Medibank being sued?

Thousands are suing Medibank over its 2022 data breach

Why is Medibank being sued? The private health insurer was hit with a lawsuit this week. But it’s hit back, saying it would defend the claims.

optus data breach class action lawsuit

A class action lawsuit over the 2022 Optus data breach has been launched

Over 100,000 current and former Optus customers have filed a class action lawsuit over a cyberattack on its systems last year

Latitude Financial cyberattack

300,000 documents stolen in Latitude Financial cyberattack

Over 300,000 documents and customer records have been stolen during a “sophisticated and malicious” cyberattack on Latitude Financial Services.

The Medibank hackers have posted a "full" customer data folder

The AFP believes hackers in Russia are behind the Medibank cyberattack

Police believe they know who the individuals responsible are, but will not publicly reveal this information while the case is ongoing.

The Medibank hackers have posted a "full" customer data folder

The Medibank hackers have published an ‘abortion’ file

A document labelled “abortions” has been posted to the dark web, appearing to list 303 Medibank customers.

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