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russia bans australian politicians
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Russia bans 235 Australian politicians from entry

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has indefinitely banned 235 Victorian and South Australian politicians from entering the country.

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What is Daniel Andrews’ legacy?

You know the former Victorian Premier for his North Face jackets and extremely long COVID-19 era press conferences, but he is also known for his socially progressive policies and cancelling the Commonwealth Games. In today’s deep dive, we’ll look at Daniel Andrews’ legacy as one of Australia’s most divisive, yet electorally successful Premiers Australia has seen.


Hosts: Zara Seidler and Sam Koslowski

Producer: Ninah Kopel

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Victoria launches women's pain inquiry
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Jacinta Allan to be Victorian Premier

Jacinta Allan was named Victorian Premier on Wednesday, one day after Daniel Andrews’ surprise resignation.

Victoria gas ban
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Victoria will ban gas in new homes from next year

Victoria will ban gas in new homes from next year. It’s part of a plan to limit emissions, and to save on household budgets.

The Daily Aus podcast
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Did Victoria just get the Commonwealth Games cancelled?

Just last year, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews was announcing the Commonwealth Games would be held in his state. He said while it would cost a substantial amount, he saw it as a “profound investment”. Now the state is pulling out, which the CEO of Commonwealth Games Australia says is “extremely disappointing”. In today’s deep dive, we’ll explain why Victoria has cancelled the games, and what it will mean for the 2026 event.

Victoria Commonwealth Games
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The 2026 Commonwealth Games in Victoria have been cancelled

The 2026 Commonwealth Games in Victoria are off, Premier Daniel Andrews announced on Tuesday morning. It comes amid financial constraints.

Victoria pokies crackdown

Victoria has announced a pokies crackdown

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has flagged a pokies crackdown, including requiring gamblers to pre-commit to a maximum loss amount.

Myki pay with phone

Myki changes: Victorians set to pay with phone or credit card

The Victorian Government has announced changes to its public transport ticketing system, myki, including payment by phone and bank card.

is tiktok banned in australia
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Are Australian politicians deleting their TikTok accounts?

Is TikTok banned in Australia? The Government has announced TikTok will be deleted from government devices. Will politicians be deleting it?

Daniel Andrews China trip
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Daniel Andrews China trip draws ‘secrecy’ criticism

A trip to China by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has drawn criticism over ‘secrecy’ after no journalists were invited.

Here's what happened in the Victorian election
Environment Politics

Here’s what Victorian politicians are promising on climate change

Like many state and territory governments, Victoria has its own targets for emissions reduction and for the use of renewable energy.

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