A Brisbane man's been arrested for his alleged efforts to smuggle cocaine bricks into Australia.
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Police arrest Brisbane man over cocaine bricks found on NSW shores

Police allege he was behind a failed plot to smuggle about 900kg of cocaine into Australia through cargo ships. This had resulted in bricks of cocaine washing up on NSW beaches.

sewage analysis drugs
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New sewage analysis shows how Aussies use drugs

Australians are using more cocaine, methamphetamine and MDMA compared to last year, but are drinking less alcohol overall, according to new analysis of sewage for drugs.

breath test politicians in Parliament
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There’s a push to breath test politicians in Parliament

There is a push to breath test politicians in Parliament House after two recent incidents involving parliamentarians and alcohol.

pill testing

Three drugs new to Australia found at pill testing site

A pill testing site in Canberra has discovered three never-before-seen substances in recreational drugs in Australia.

Melbourne festival pill testing
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Possible overdoses at a Melbourne festival sparks pill testing plea

Calls for pill testing are growing after nine people were taken to hospital for suspected overdoses at a Hardmission festival in Melbourne last Saturday night.

Drug deaths at music festivals
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MDMA found in two-thirds of drug deaths

Drug deaths at music festivals were significantly higher in the 2010s than the 2000, a new study has found.

Australian drug use

Drug testing of sewage shows Australians are using more ketamine and less MDMA

The latest sewage drug testing report from the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission shows Australians using more ketamine and less MDMA.

nsw drugs fines

NSW Government proposal could see fines for possession of small amounts of drugs

NSW Police could soon be able to fine people caught with small amounts of drugs, instead of issuing criminal charges.

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