california media literacy law

California passes media literacy education laws

California has passed a law to introduce media literacy classes in all schools across the U.S. state, the fourth state to do so.

Childcare in Australia

Free childcare urged for low-income families

Childcare in Australia should be free or inexpensive for low-income families, a report from a government agency has said.

Flexible school hours in Queensland

School hour shake-up for Queensland

Flexible school hours in Queensland will be investigated by external officials before being approved under a new policy.

South Australia teacher strike

South Australia teachers strike leaving hundreds of schools closed

Thousands of teachers across South Australia went on strike yesterday.

government scholarship new teachers

Government scholarship could wipe new teachers’ student debt

The Federal Government has announced a scholarship program to attract more people to teaching amid growing concerns of a national shortage.

teacher recruitment campaign

Why the govt launched a teacher recruitment campaign

Federal, state and territory governments have launched a national recruitment campaign aimed at encouraging more people to become teachers.

final exams states

When do final exams begin in each state?

The Higher School Certificate (HSC), NSW’s final exams, is officially underway for more than 68,000 school leavers in the state.

Queensland AI schools trial

Some Queensland schools are undertaking an AI trial

An artificial intelligence (AI) trial is underway in QLD schools after Australia’s education ministers met to discuss AI use in classrooms last week.

nsw public school phones

All NSW public schools now ban mobile phones

A statewide ban on phones in all NSW public schools comes into effect today. The ban coincides with the start of Term 4.

single-sex education

What do young Australians think about single-sex education?

Last week, The Daily Aus asked you for your thoughts on single-sex education. Here’s what the audience told us.

south korea teacher protection

South Korea’s new teacher protection laws

South Korea has passed new teacher protection laws aimed at preventing mistreatment by parents.

NSW teachers pay rise

First-year NSW teachers to earn $85k under new deal

Some NSW teachers will get a $10,000 pay rise under a new deal proposed by the State Government. One final approval is now needed.

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