Far-right parties have performed strongly in the EU elections.
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Far-right parties made major gains in the EU elections

Far-right parties have performed strongly in the EU elections, as results show centrist and left-wing parties have lost ground.

macron snap election
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Macron calls snap election for France

It comes after the far-right party led by his main rival Marine Le Pen delivered a stronger-than-expected result in the European Parliament elections.

EU elections have started across 27 countries.
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Four days, 370 million voters, 27 countries: here’s your guide to the EU elections

The EU elections have kicked off across Europe, where 370 million voters are eligible to cast their ballots in one of the biggest polls ever.

meta ad-free subscription

Meta ad-free subscription launched in parts of Europe

Meta’s ad-free subscription was launched in response to laws around user data collection and consent in the European Union.

Australia EU trade deal

Australia’s EU free trade deal has collapsed

Negotiations for a trade deal between the European Union (EU) and Australia have collapsed following another round of unsuccessful talks.

uk definition wine

The UK is changing its definition of wine

The UK Government has announced it will amend the legal definition of wine to reflect demand for low and no-alcohol versions of the drink.

world's hottest period

Scientists say June to August was the world’s hottest period ever

The report, conducted by the Copernicus Climate Change Service, said the June-August period was the warmest “by a large margin”.

Europe petrol and diesel car ban

Europe will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035

Petrol and diesel cars will be banned in Europe by 2035. This will be to meet its climate targets, but there’s a clause for one fuel source.

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