Federal government

The Federal Government has announced $1.5 billion in power bill relief amid rising energy prices


Workplace laws

Wage theft is now a crime under new workplace laws

Employers who deliberately underpay their workers could face jail time under new workplace laws that have passed Parliament.

Gambling credit card ban

Credit cards banned for gambling

A credit card ban for online gambling will soon be in effect across Australia, following the passing of new laws this week.

what is the ndis

NDIS overhaul put forward in review

What is the NDIS? An independent review of the disability support system suggested a raft of changes to address persisting problems.

Andrew Giles

Why did the Government rush detention laws through Parliament?

What is income apportionment? 

Centrelink could waive 100,000 debts

What is income apportionment? The unlawful scheme has created a burdensome administrative task that could trigger a large-scale debt waiver.

Who is NZYQ?

New laws to return High Court detainees

Who is NZYQ? A High Court decision triggered the release of over 140 indefinite detainees. The Government is developing laws to return them.

Shan United

Wong used special powers to block Myanmar team visas

Foreign Minister Penny Wong was directly involved in a decision to block Shan United from entering Australia, TDA has learned.

What is thalidomide? 

Albanese delivers thalidomide apology

What is thalidomide? Prime Minister Anthony Albanese delivered an apology to survivors of the drug in Parliament today.

Nazi bans in Australia

Nazi salute to be banned in Australia

Nazi bans in Australia will be strengthened by an amendment that will ban the Nazi salute throughout Australia.

Student safety

New plan to stop on-campus violence

Student safety at Australian universities is threatened by widespread reports of sexual violence. A new action plan hopes to confront this.

Disability employment

Woolworths to join workplace trial

Disability employment in Australia is much lower than the rest of the population. A new trial hopes to address this issue.

cuts to infrastructure projects

Cuts to infrastructure projects announced amid inflation fears

The Federal Government has announced cuts to 50 major infrastructure projects and warned more may be needed amid inflation fears.

Interest rates and inflation

Cash rate reaches 12-year high

Why did the cash rate rise? The Reserve Bank decided to raise the cash rate again on Tuesday, after keeping it unchanged since July.

ADHD in Australia

Senators call for ADHD treatment overhaul

1 in 20 people have ADHD in Australia. On Monday, a Senate Committee handed down a report targeted at improving the lives of people with ADHD.

government scholarship new teachers

Government scholarship could wipe new teachers’ student debt

The Federal Government has announced a scholarship program to attract more people to teaching amid growing concerns of a national shortage.

Plibersek wages war on millions of feral goats

Feral goats in Australia will be targeted under a new framework aimed at protecting the nation’s endangered species.

Abdul Nacer Benbrika

High Court restores Australian citizenship for convicted terrorist

The High Court of Australia has ruled a convicted terrorist can have his Australian citizenship restored.

teacher recruitment campaign

Why the govt launched a teacher recruitment campaign

Federal, state and territory governments have launched a national recruitment campaign aimed at encouraging more people to become teachers.

crypto crackdown

Crypto crackdown on the way, Chalmers says

A crypto crackdown will be included in legislation set to be tabled in Australia next year. This is what it could look like.

What was the Qatar Airways decision 

Senate Committee calls for immediate review of Qatar decision

What was the Qatar Airways decision? A Senate Committee tasked with scrutinising the controversial decision has called for an urgent review.

Mental health in Australia

Major issues found in mental health sector

Mental health in Australia is under the microscope this week, after the release of a new 10-year health strategy. Here’s what it says

Changes for international students

Crackdown on foreign student system begins

Changes for international students are hoped to stop dodgy education agents and providers from taking advantage of students.

government digital skills passport

The government’s digital ‘skills passport’, explained

The Federal Government will create a digital ‘Skills Passport’ for workers so they can more easily connect with potential employers.

federal government budget surplus

Federal government announces first budget surplus in 15 years

The Federal Government has announced a $22.1 billion budget surplus for the 2022/23 financial year, the first in 15 years.

What will the COVID inquiry look at

Australia’s COVID response to face official inquiry

The independent COVID inquiry will look at several areas of the Federal Government’s response to the pandemic. Here’s the details

Is JobSeeker rising

JobSeeker payments have risen

JobSeeker is rising on Wednesday, following a combination of periodic increases and new laws taking effect. Here’s the important details

How safe is online dating

Rowland sets deadline for online dating reform

The Federal Government has issued online dating apps with a new deadline to improve the safety features on their platforms.

Macquarie Bank cash phase-out

Macquarie Bank to phase out cash by 2024

Macquarie Bank will phase out cash and cheque services by the end of 2024. Here’s the timeline for the phase-out

What's lumpy skin disease

Indonesia has lifted trade restrictions on Australian livestock

What’s lumpy skin disease? Indonesia has lifted restrictions on Australian livestock after they say the disease was discovered on cattle.

what was the qatar airways decision

Backlash continues over decision to block Qatar flights

What was the Qatar Airways decision? The Government is facing sustained backlash over their call to block more flights into Australia.

feral cats in australia

Federal Government declares war on feral cats

The Australian Government has launched a new attack on feral cats through the release of a new plan to curb damage caused by the animals.

National Autism Strategy Paper

Australia’s first autism strategy one step closer to reality

A discussion paper around Australia’s first-ever national autism strategy has been released for public feedback. Here’s the key points

What is Better Access

Exclusive: No change to mental health access this year, despite changes to subsidised sessions

The system offering subsidised mental health sessions underwent a major change last year. New data suggests that very little has changed

Wage theft jail time

Uber Eats and Menulog drivers to receive extra protections under Government proposal

The gig economy often works as many hours as their full-time counterparts, but don’t have the same entitlements, such as sick or annual leave.

should porn have an age limit

Porn restrictions targeted ahead of regulations coming into effect

The eSafety Commissioner has delivered a blueprint for adding an age limit on porn in Australia. This is what they said

what is the indigenous voice to parliament

What is the Indigenous Voice to Parliament? Here’s what you need to know.

A referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament will be held on 14 October. Here’s what you need to know.

The Daily Aus podcast

Poorer, hotter, older: The Government’s crystal ball

Every few years the Government shares its predictions about where Australia is headed and what sort of country it thinks we’ll be in the decades ahead. Those projections are released in the form of the Intergenerational Report. In today’s deep dive, we’ll take a closer look at what the report found, and how the Government plans to manage those findings.

australia's future life expectancy

How long will Australians live 40 years from now? Questions answered in new report

Australia’s life expectancy will continue to rise in the future, though fewer children are expected to be born come 2063.

The Daily Aus podcast

Will betting bans help with problem gambling?

Australians spend more money gambling online per person than anywhere else in the world. Now, the Federal Government has launched a new initiative to help change that. BetStop lets Australian exclude themselves from online gambling, but will it work? In the deep dive, we’ll look at what these bans are trying to achieve and whether or not they’ll help Australians stop betting.

banning wechat in australia

WeChat could be banned on government devices under Senate recommendation

The Daily Aus podcast

A shakeup for Aussie unis

Following a review into higher education, the Federal Government has shed light on planned reforms for the university sector, including scrapping a rule that excludes some students from HECS. With a focus on improving regional access, creating more inclusive campuses and boosting First Nations enrolments, TDA journalist Tom Crowley explains what you need to know in the deep dive.

50% pass rule

The Federal Government will scrap a rule that stops failing students from accessing HECS

A rule that excludes university students from studebt debt support based on their academic output will be axed. Here’s why

solomon islands deal

The Solomon Islands PM has accused Australia of pulling money over China ties

The Solomon Islands’ latest deal with China has prompted Solomons’ PM to lash out at Australia on multiple fronts.

Australia phase out caged egg

Caged eggs are set to be phased out by 2036 – will it actually happen on time?

A caged egg ban will begin by 2036 under a plan endorsed by Australia’s governments. But one has already said it will make its own rules.

sexual violence at Australian universities

Fresh calls to address sexual violence at Australian universities

A student safety body for unis has been put forward in a national open letter. It’s targeted at addressing sexual violence around campuses.

aged care levy

What is an aged care levy?

A taskforce led by Federal Aged Care Minister Anika Wells will consider ways to pay for the growing cost of aged care, including an aged care levy, or tax.

cheques phased out

Cheques will be phased out in Australia by 2030

Cheques will be phased out by the Federal Government, who say the payment method is too slow and expensive. Here’s their plan.

australia government plan to stop smoking

The Australian Government has a new plan to stop smoking – here’s what it is

The Federal Government has unveiled plans to stop smoking in Australia. They’ll be formalised as legislation, which will be tabled this year.

is ai going to be banned in australia

A ban on ‘high-risk’ artificial intelligence is being considered in Australia

A ban on some AI could soon become a reality in Australia, according to a Federal Government paper released on Thursday. Here are the details

working holiday visa Australia UK extended

Young Australians will be able to work in the UK for an extra year under a new agreement

Australians on British working visas are set for a shake up, after a free trade agreement came into effect on Wednesday. Here’s the details

What is the PwC scandal

What is the PwC scandal? Explained simply.

What is the PwC scandal? It’s resulted in a criminal investigation, and claimed the scalp of its CEO. Here are the details, explained simply

Should gambling ads be banned

Should gambling ads be banned during sports games? Draft laws are on the table

Should gambling ads be banned? One Independent thinks so, and she’s got the backing of other parts of the crossbench. Here are the details

What is buy now pay later?

The Federal Government will regulate the Buy Now, Pay Later industry

What is Buy Now Pay Later? The Federal Government unveiled its plans to add new rules for the services on Monday. Here’s what they are

is there a nazi symbol ban

A Senate Committee has recommended a federal ban on Nazi symbols

Is there a Nazi symbol ban in Australia? Laws to ban their public display were tabled this year. A federal ban is now one step closer.

single parents federal budget 2023

The Federal Government has announced expanded support for single parents

The Government will increase financial support for single parents by expanding eligibility for the Parenting Payment.

Why is Snowy 2.0 being delayed?

A major renewable energy project will be delayed by up to two years – why?

Why is Snowy 2.0 being delayed? There are many reasons for the delay, which could impact Australia’s renewable energy transition. Here’s why.

average state and local tax paid per person australia

Victorians are paying the most state and local tax in Australia

Victorians are paying the most taxes to their state and local governments in Australia, according to new data from the ABS.

Should paid jobs be part of a degree?

Should paid jobs be added to degrees? Six major Australian universities think so

A group of Australian universities have called for paid jobs to be added to degrees. But what would it look like? Here are the details.

why TikTok ban

The Australian Government has banned TikTok on all its devices

TikTok will be deleted from all Australian Government devices. Why’s it happening, and has it happened elsewhere? Here’s what you need to know.

The Federal Government has announced $1.5 billion in power bill relief amid rising energy prices

The Federal Government has announced $1.5 billion in power bill relief amid rising energy prices

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced today that Australian households and small businesses will be provided up to $1.5 billion in power bill relief amid rising energy prices.

Workplace laws

The Federal Government has passed changes to workplace laws

The Government has passed changes to wages laws through the Senate.

Australia's Top Polluters to Cut Emissions 5% Annually Until 2030

The Federal Government has delivered the first ever climate change statement

It says Australia is not on track to meet its new emissions reduction targets

The government's new restrictions on arrivals from China went against top health advice

The Federal Government is considering printing ‘smoking kills’ on individual cigarettes

Health Minister Mark Butler said the measures would “re-establish our reputation as a global leader in tobacco control”.

Interview with Labor Leader Anthony Albanese

Interview with Labor Leader Anthony Albanese

"A Fraud": an academic who worked on the Federal Government's Emissions Reduction Fund says it lacks integrity

“A Fraud”: an academic who worked on the Federal Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund says it lacks integrity

The federal and NSW governments have announced mental health packages for flood-affected regions

Labor has announced a $1.2 billion University and TAFE funding plan if it wins the next election

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