Federal Parliament

Gambling credit card ban

Credit cards banned for gambling

A credit card ban for online gambling will soon be in effect across Australia, following the passing of new laws this week.

what is the ndis

NDIS overhaul put forward in review

What is the NDIS? An independent review of the disability support system suggested a raft of changes to address persisting problems.

What is thalidomide? 

Albanese delivers thalidomide apology

What is thalidomide? Prime Minister Anthony Albanese delivered an apology to survivors of the drug in Parliament today.

independent mp federal lobbying

An Independent MP wants to crack down on federal lobbying

Independent MP Dr. Monique Ryan has introduced a bill to Parliament today which would put limits on lobbying activities in federal politics.

federal MPs biggest pay rise

Federal MPs are getting their biggest pay rise in a decade

Federal MPs will receive a 4% pay rise from Friday, signed off by the Remuneration Tribunal. It’s their biggest wage increase in a decade.

junk food advertising ban

Should there be a junk food advertising ban? Dr Sophie Scamps introduces bill

Independent MP Dr Sophie Scamps is seeking to ban junk food advertising on TV, radio, and streaming services between 6am and 9:30pm.

cheques phased out

Cheques will be phased out in Australia by 2030

Cheques will be phased out by the Federal Government, who say the payment method is too slow and expensive. Here’s their plan.

Should gambling ads be banned

Should gambling ads be banned during sports games? Draft laws are on the table

Should gambling ads be banned? One Independent thinks so, and she’s got the backing of other parts of the crossbench. Here are the details

is there a nazi symbol ban

A Senate Committee has recommended a federal ban on Nazi symbols

Is there a Nazi symbol ban in Australia? Laws to ban their public display were tabled this year. A federal ban is now one step closer.

Is Roblox safe

Is Roblox safe? Safety experts don’t think so

An online safety expert says “hundreds and hundreds” of children are at risk of grooming on Roblox every week. Is Roblox safe?

adhd inquiry australia

A Senate committee will investigate ADHD in Australia. Here’s what will happen

A Senate Committee will investigate the functioning of support services for ADHD in Australia. Here’s what it’ll be looking at.

Interview with Labor Leader Anthony Albanese

Interview with Labor Leader Anthony Albanese

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