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How is a World Cup host decided? 
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Saudi Arabia to host 2034 World Cup

How is a World Cup host decided? Saudi Arabia is set to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup, but they’ll need one more approval before it’s official.

fifa 2030 six countries

The 2030 FIFA men’s world cup will be played across six countries

FIFA, football’s global governing body, has announced the 2030 Men’s World Cup will be played across six countries.

A-League memberships
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Exclusive: A-League records tumble after World Cup success

Five A-League Women’s clubs have reported record-breaking membership numbers following the success of the Matildas at the World Cup.

The Daily Aus podcast

From selling lamingtons to selling out stadiums: the history of the Matildas

The Women’s World Cup has broken records and captured the imagination of the country, with the nation well and truly rallying behind the Matildas’ journey. While the past few weeks have proven women’s soccer has firmly cemented itself as a beloved Aussie sporting code, it wasn’t easy getting there. From selling lamingtons to fundraising on street corners, the original World Cup Matildas squad had their work cut out for them. In today’s deep dive, we’ll explain how far the Matildas have come and how the Tillies got their name.

FIFA blackout
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FIFA has threatened a blackout of the Women’s World Cup over ‘disappointing’ TV offers

FIFA’s boss has slammed lowball TV offers for this year’s World Cup, even threatening a blackout for some countries. Here’s the issue at play.

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