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Queensland Police will replace the members of its First Nations Advisory Group after members refused to sign a confidentiality contract.
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Queensland police fire First Nations advisory group members

Members of the group have accused Qld Police of trying to silence them.

queensland youth detention separation
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Queensland youth detention centres kept two First Nations teens in ‘separation’ for over 2,000 hours, per new report

A formal review by a Queensland Government department called their deaths “preventable”.

early voting south australia
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Early voting open for South Australia’s Voice to Parliament

Early voting has opened to determine who will be included in South Australia’s Voice to Parliament.

closing the gap target update
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Closing the Gap update: four targets going backwards

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton said there had been a “collective effort across [political parties], across administrations, across levels of government,” to close the gap.

Funeral insurance provider targeted First Nations people.

New ‘Closing the Gap’ report finds Australia failing to meet targets

A new report says without significant intervention, Australian governments are at risk of failing to meet the ‘Closing the Gap’ targets.

13yarn calls after referendum

Exclusive: Calls to 13Yarn surged after the referendum

Calls to First Nations crisis line 13Yarn increased after the Voice referendum was defeated, according to data given to TDA by the helpline.

13yarn calls

Exclusive: 13YARN calls doubled ahead of the referendum

13YARN has recorded an unprecedented number of calls in the lead-up to the Voice referendum.

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