First nations

13yarn calls after referendum

Exclusive: Calls to 13Yarn surged after the referendum

Calls to First Nations crisis line 13Yarn increased after the Voice referendum was defeated, according to data given to TDA by the helpline.

WA first nations youth detention

First Nations boy dies after incident in WA youth detention cell

A 16-year-old First Nations boy died at a Perth hospital on Thursday night after being found unresponsive in his cell at a youth detention centre last week.

uk museum returns artefacts

A UK museum has returned cultural artefacts to a First Nations community in the Northern Territory

The items, called the ‘Worsley Collection’, included spears and shell dolls. The artefacts were bought or traded for in the 1950s.

what is garma festival 2023

The Garma Festival has begun in northeast Arnhem Land

The Garma Festival 2023 is a four-day festival of music, art, film, education, and political discussion.

The Daily Aus podcast

A shakeup for Aussie unis

Following a review into higher education, the Federal Government has shed light on planned reforms for the university sector, including scrapping a rule that excludes some students from HECS. With a focus on improving regional access, creating more inclusive campuses and boosting First Nations enrolments, TDA journalist Tom Crowley explains what you need to know in the deep dive.

Voice to Parliament referendum yes and no arguments

Here are the Yes and No arguments on the Voice to Parliament

The Australian Electoral Commission has published Yes and No arguments for the Voice to Parliament referendum prepared by politicians.

first nations veronica nelson

Victorian bail reform flagged after death of First Nations woman

Coroner says First Nations woman’s death in custody was preventable. Recommendations made to prevent future deaths and changes to Victorian Bail Act.

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