Collective bargaining agreement

Matildas agree to record pay deal

A record collective bargaining agreement between Football Australia and national team players has been agreed. It will run until 2027.

Sam Kerr Ballon D'Or

Matilda Sam Kerr runner-up in Women’s Ballon D’Or

Matildas captain Sam Kerr has finished as the runner-up in the prestigious Ballon D’Or award, football’s top individual prize.

A-League memberships
News Sport

Exclusive: A-League records tumble after World Cup success

Five A-League Women’s clubs have reported record-breaking membership numbers following the success of the Matildas at the World Cup.

The Daily Aus podcast
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Spanish Football’s #MeToo moment

The coach of Spain’s women’s soccer team has been fired. It’s the latest in a series of events pointing to radical cultural shifts in the sport’s leadership. From an uprising last year, to the non-consensual kiss at the World Cup, we’re going to give you all the background you need to understand the revolution taking place at the heart of Spanish football.

spain soccer coach fired

Why was Spain’s women’s soccer coach fired?

Spain’s Royal Football Federation (RFEF) has fired the coach of its national women’s team amid the ongoing Women’s World Cup controversy.

The Daily Aus podcast
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More than football

It’s time! The FIFA Women’s World Cup starts today and we are super excited. This event is going to be the most attended women’s sporting event in history. Off the field, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has said to TDA he thinks the Premiers will race to declare a public holiday if the Matildas win. In the deep dive we’ll explain what it will take for the Matildas to win, and whether they will be paid equally if they do.

Who is Postecoglou
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Who is Ange Postecoglou? The Australian in charge of one of the world’s biggest football clubs

Who is Ange Postecoglou? The Australian was appointed coach of Tottenham this week, after two strong years in Scotland. Here are the details.

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