france bedbug infestation

France’s government is holding crisis talks over a bedbug infestation

Paris residents have reported bedbugs on trains, in movie theatres, and at airports, while outbreaks in Lyon and Marseilles have forced school closures.

France iPhone 12 radiation

France has banned the iPhone 12 over radiation concerns

France has banned sales of Apple’s iPhone 12 after the national watchdog found the device exceeds European radiation limits.

france meat vegan food

France plans to ban ‘meat terminology’ on vegan food labels

The French Government wants to ban the use of ‘meat terminology’ like ‘steak’ or ‘sausage’ from the labels of vegan food products.

The Daily Aus podcast

What is happening in France?

The shooting of Nahel Merzouk by French police sparked days of protests and riots across the country.

According to the BBC, thousands have been arrested, shops have been looted and hundreds of vehicles have been set alight.

In today’s deep dive, we’ll explain what led to this uprising, and its political consequence for French President Emmanuel Macron.

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