Over $3.8 billion was made at NSW pokies in the first half of this year

gambling self-exclude

Young Aussies sign up to self-exclude from gambling

The national gambling self-exclusion register, BetStop, has received thousands of sign ups since it launched in August.

online gambling help

Demand for gambling help rose by 24% in the last year

Online gambling help requests surged in the past financial year, new data obtained by TDA has shown. Here’s how it compared across Australia.

Victoria pokies crackdown

Victoria has announced a pokies crackdown

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has flagged a pokies crackdown, including requiring gamblers to pre-commit to a maximum loss amount.

australia self-ban gambling

Australia is introducing a self-ban option for online gambling

How will a gambling ban work? It won’t be applied to all problem gamblers but will stop some from placing bets online. Here are the details

The Daily Aus podcast

Should online gambling ads be banned?

A parliamentary committee wants to ban all online gambling ads, which are common in the sports world.

Two-thirds of those who gamble on sports are at risk of gambling-related harm, including addiction, relationship breakdown and financial hardship.

In today’s deep dive we’ll look at how likely these reforms are to go ahead, and what impact they would have on the sports bodies with a lot to lose.

See for privacy information.

Should gambling ads be banned

Should gambling ads be banned during sports games? Draft laws are on the table

Should gambling ads be banned? One Independent thinks so, and she’s got the backing of other parts of the crossbench. Here are the details

Chris Minns Interview with TDA

TDA’s chat with NSW Labor Leader Chris Minns

New restrictions on gambling ads will come into place in Belgium this year

New restrictions on gambling ads will come into place in Belgium this year

Belgium is banning gambling ads on various media platforms starting July 1st to tackle addiction. Learn more about the new restrictions here.

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