Gender pay gap

A woman and a man sit at a conference table covered in documents. They are shot from above so you can't see their faces, just the top of their head and shoulders.
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Public sector pay gap revealed for the first time

The public sector’s pay gap has been revealed, with women in public service earning, on average, 86 cents for every dollar earned by men in 2022.

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The companies with the biggest gender pay gaps

Australian businesses have posted their gender pay gaps for the first time
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The gender pay gap at Australia’s biggest companies

Australian companies have posted their gender pay gaps for the first time ever. Here’s what we found.

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The gender pay gap has fallen to its lowest level on record (again)

Australia’s gender pay gap has dropped to 12%, its lowest level on record, according to the latest data from the ABS.

gender pay gap

The gender pay gap in Australia is at its lowest ever level

The gender pay gap between the full-time earnings of men and women in Australia is at its lowest level on record — 21.7%.

icelandic women strike

Why Icelandic women are on strike

Icelandic Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir is among thousands of women and non-binary people expected to stop work today for a national women’s strike.

goldin pay gap
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Pay gap ‘detective’ Claudia Goldin has won the Nobel in Economics

Harvard Professor Claudia Goldin has been awarded the top prize in economics for her investigations into the gender pay gap — the difference between how much men and women are paid.

Gender pay gap at all-time low

Gender pay gap hits all-time low

The latest official figures show the gender pay gap in full-time earnings has fallen to an all-time low. Why has the gap closed?

Gender pay gap transparency
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Large Australian business are now required to publish their gender pay gap

The Federal Government has passed a law to require gender pay gap transparency for businesses with at least 100 employees.

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