Israel Hamas arrest warrants
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Israeli and Hamas leaders face International Criminal Court arrest warrants

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has announced its seeking arrest warrants for Israeli and Hamas leaders over alleged war crimes.

Humanitarian ceasefire Gaza

Australia votes for humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

153 countries have voted for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, as the death toll mounts from the conflict.

Israel Hamas temporary ceasefire

What’s happened since the Israel Hamas temporary ceasefire ended?

Last Friday, the temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas ended, lasting a total of seven days.

10,000 reported dead in Gaza
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Death toll in Gaza has reportedly passed 10,000

It has been one month since Hamas launched its October 7 attack on Israel. Since that time, the death toll has reportedly passed 10,000 people in Gaza, and at least 1,400 people in Israel.

israel ground attack
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Israel launches ground attack on Gaza amid humanitarian fears

Israel’s military intensified its bombing of Gaza over the weekend and launched a ground attack for the first time since declaring war.

un gaza

UN: Gaza “on the verge of catastrophe”

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has said that “unless something changes, coming days will see more civilians on the brink of death from continuing bombardment. Humanity must come first.”

humanitarian supplies gaza

Israel-Hamas update: aid trucks arrive in Gaza

About 34 trucks carrying humanitarian supplies have recently entered Gaza. It comes over two weeks since Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel

hamas american hostages

Hamas has released two American hostages

Mother and daughter Judith and Natalie Raanan were visiting Israel from Chicago when Hamas took them hostage on 7 October. Hamas took about 200 others as well as part of its attack on Israel. They are the first to be freed.

gaza hospital palestinians hamas

Hundreds of Palestinians killed in blast on Gaza hospital

Overnight, at least 300 Palestinians, including children, were killed when a rocket hit Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza.

israel gaza hostages siege

Israel’s govt to continue Gaza siege until hostages are returned

The Israeli Government says it will continue its siege, blocking the passage of food, water and power into Gaza, until hostages captured by Hamas are returned.

israel gaza hostages siege

The world’s response to war in Israel and Gaza

Over 2,000 people have been killed in Israel and Gaza in recent days. Here’s how the world’s responded to the conflict.

hamas surprise attack

Hamas has launched a surprise attack on Israel

On Saturday, Hamas launched a surprise, wide-scale attack on Israel, including both missile attacks and on-the-ground advances.

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