melanoma treatment
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The Australian of the Year on the fight against melanoma

Victoria launches women's pain inquiry
Politics Science

Victoria will launch Australia-first women’s pain inquiry

The Victorian Government will set up an inquiry into how the state’s healthcare system addresses women’s pain.

NSW paramedics

NSW Paramedics could be short of workers on NYE

Thousands of NSW paramedics could stop work on New Year’s if an ongoing pay dispute is not resolved to bring wages in line with other states.

unclaimed medicare benefits

Australians owed $234 million in unclaimed Medicare benefits

The Government says Australians are owed over $230 million in unclaimed Medicare benefits which are typically paid out within three days.

south australia pharmacists UTI antibiotics

South Australia pharmacists to issue UTI antibiotics in 2024

South Australia pharmacists will be able to prescribe antibiotics for UTIs (urinary tract infections) from March next year.

The Daily Aus podcast

Is the bulk billing era over?

The number of GP clinics bulk billing all their patients has halved in the last year according to a new report from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.  The Federal Government has recently introduced reforms to incentivise GPs to bulk bill some patients, but do they go far enough? Or could the bulk billing era be over? In today’s deep dive, we’re going to ask Dr Anita Muñoz, Victorian chair of the RACGP if those reforms are likely to bring any change and what to expect from the year to come.


Guest: Dr Anita Muñoz, Victorian chair of the RACGP

Hosts: Billi FitzSimons and Emma Gillespie

Producer: Ninah Kopel

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GP bulk billing

New bulk billing rules have come into effect for GPs

Changes to Medicare aimed at giving GPs more incentive to bulk bill patients came into effect on November 1.

abortion pill australia access

Access to abortion pills will be significantly expanded in Australia from next month

Abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol will soon be easier to access in Australia after the TGA relaxed prescription rules.

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