HECS debts

government scholarship new teachers

Government scholarship could wipe new teachers’ student debt

The Federal Government has announced a scholarship program to attract more people to teaching amid growing concerns of a national shortage.

some hecs debts waived

Exclusive: Government to waive millions in student debt

The HECS debts of some 13,000 Australian students will be waived due to a historical record-keeping error.

voluntary hecs payments skyrocket

Exclusive: Voluntary HECS payments skyrocketed in May before indexation kicked in

Voluntary HECS payments skyrocketed in May after the ATO announced student loans would be indexed at 7.1% in June.

50% pass rule

The Federal Government will scrap a rule that stops failing students from accessing HECS

A rule that excludes university students from studebt debt support based on their academic output will be axed. Here’s why

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