Can I get a hecs refund?
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Can I get a HECS refund if I paid it off last year?

Can I get a HECS refund? About the Government’s plan to refund HECS indexation.

HECs debts are due to soar by 4.8% unless the Government changes the way the debts are calculated.
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HECS indexation 2024: student debt could rise 4.8% in June

HECs debt could increase 4.8% based on the way it is currently calculated, unless the Federal Government changes indexation methods.

some hecs debts waived
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Exclusive: Government to waive millions in student debt

The HECS debts of some 13,000 Australian students will be waived due to a historical record-keeping error.

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An interview with the Minister for Youth, Dr. Anne Aly

If you didn’t know we had a Minister for Youth, you wouldn’t be alone. In today’s deep dive, TDA Editor Billi FitzSimons asks the Minister what she actually does and what her plans are for her time in government. From mental health, HECS, the voting age, climate change, housing and more, this special episode will give you insight into the Minister charged with prioritising young Australians.

The Daily Aus podcast
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A shakeup for Aussie unis

Following a review into higher education, the Federal Government has shed light on planned reforms for the university sector, including scrapping a rule that excludes some students from HECS. With a focus on improving regional access, creating more inclusive campuses and boosting First Nations enrolments, TDA journalist Tom Crowley explains what you need to know in the deep dive.

50% pass rule
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The Federal Government will scrap a rule that stops failing students from accessing HECS

A rule that excludes university students from studebt debt support based on their academic output will be axed. Here’s why

HECS debt increase

Why your HECS debt will increase by 7.1% in June

The Australian Tax Office has confirmed there will be a HECS debt increase of 7.1% – the largest increase in decades. Why is it going up?

When do I repay my HECS debt?
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When do I have to pay my HECS back? All your questions answered

We learned this week that HECS debts are set for their biggest increase in decades. How do the debts work? Here’s all you need to know.

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